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HTGAWM: S5 E1 Your Funeral

HTGAWM: S5 E1 Your Funeral

We’re back!!! Season 5 is here and there will be more murdering law students and lawyers. I have high hopes for this season—let’s see if they hold up.

The episode opens at Connor and Oliver’s wedding!!! We’re live at the reception and Annalise is getting down on the dancefloor! Her moves are short-lived when she runs into a somber Frank who appears to deliver some bad news to her…and she slaps him! We have a scene outside of the venue and someone is dripping blood in the snow! Welcome to Season 5, ya’ll!!!

Annalise: The kiddos are back in school. Advanced Trial Skills is packed with prospective students. Annalise plans on using the course as a clinic for all the class actions cases that will be re-heard due to her Supreme Court win. The course only holds 24 students, so Annalise starts culling the herd. A bunch pitch their passions and she made her initial cut. Gabriel Maddox, the hottie we saw in the final scene of last season, begins sucking up to her.

Annalise is on the job hunt because she’s broke—and she doesn’t want the Keating Kids involved. She’s back at Caplan and Gold for an interview and Teagan is not happy about it. She would work as lead counsel on their big corporate cases and support for her class action cases. She plays hardball on her salary with several other firms; however, many have concerns about her reputation (you know, her students killing people) despite her Supreme Court win. Annalise asks Bonnie to come back to work with her, but Bonnie is still worried about Denver’s files and protecting their group. Just when we thought her job interviews were going well, every firm starts retracting their offers—the Governor has called them all to sabotage Annalise. In the end, Caplan and Gold works with Annalise and gives her an offer and agrees to fund her law clinic. Annalise makes her final selection of clinic students—sans Asher!!!—and offers a year’s tuition for the most student with the best class performance. Game on.

Frank: Frank and Laurel have been hooking up on the low and Frank has been trying to step up as a father. Meanwhile, Frank is speaking to someone on the phone Gabriel’s presence in Annalise’s class. Frank tries to tell Annalise about his preliminary info on Gab, but she says she’s a new woman and doesn’t want to be involved in this nonsense. When Laurel tells Frank she’s moving out, he gets upset...and proposes to her!!! WHAT?!?! Laurel felt our feels and rejected the proposal. Insert pouting Frank. The episode ends with Frank play a pick-up game of basketball with Gabriel.

Nate: Nate and Annalise are cordial, but Nate is obsessed with investigating the disappearance of Bonnie’s child. He steals a coffee cup from her and has his new lab tech boo run some tests for him. DNA test confirms that Bonnie has a living son.

Keating Kids: Laurel’s baby is the center of everyone’s world. Laurel still has scars on her arm, but it seems no one has noticed. A mysterious package arrives to the crew’s apartment and it’s Laurel baptismal gown—indicating her mother is still alive and sent it. The episode ends with Laurel having Christopher baptized with Frank as the godfather and Annalise as the godmother.

Michaela is struggling to talk to Marcus again and Marcus shoots her down, initiating her vow of abstinence. Connor is dealing with finding out Annalise was the one who hooked him up with getting re-admitted back into Middleton. Oliver has to find a new, affordable apartment for the group in order for him and Connor to be able pay for their wedding. He finds this dilapidated house (that could be dressed up nice!) and the group shades him for the suggestion. Last, Asher has an attitude with his rejection from Annalise’s clinic.

Bonnie: Bonnie (aka Summertop *eyeroll*) and Ronald Miller, the interim DA, seem smitten with each other. She’s touching up her red lipstick and everything before seeing him! Bonnie and Miller have a cute back and forth with each other and finally hit the sheets—or the office couch.

The episode ends with a flashback to the snow scene. Baby Christopher is there in the snow and Bonnie comes walking up…smothering the mouth of the person on the ground!!!! Ahh!!!!

Burning Questions: Did Laurel kill her mom? Seems like it.

Who is in the snow: Ahhh! Who knows. To me, it sounds like a woman. Who could it be??? Too earlier to guess.

Overall: Great start to the season! Super thrilling and twisty. I have a good feeling this murder mystery will be a shocking one—likely a step up from the previous season or two.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • It means you didn’t kill her then, so great news all around—Asher

  • Fab-stinent--Michaela

What do you think about Bonnie finding love? Isn’t Annalise a wonderful godmother? Who is in the snow?!?! Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments.

HTGAWM: S5 E2 Whose Blood Is That?

HTGAWM: S5 E2 Whose Blood Is That?

Roll On: September 14, 2018

Roll On: September 14, 2018