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HTGAWM: S5 E2 Whose Blood Is That?

HTGAWM: S5 E2 Whose Blood Is That?

What an eventful episode. A lot of pieces are coming together that will likely impact murder night. Buckle up!

Annalise: Annalise is balling now that she’s signed with Caplan and Gold! She gets a beautiful new condo with glam (expensive) furniture and beaming. A much-needed fresh new start! Crawford, Annalise’s new boss from C&G is sitting in her class to keep an eye on her. He later tries to hand her a case involving a psychopathic CEO but she rejects it. Crawford forces her to take the case by threatening to shut down her clinic. However, he forces Annalise into taking the case after discovering Laurel worked for her legal clinic.

Back to cases of the week! This week is a Muslim woman who was convicted for murdering her wife. Annalise and the team want to argue ineffective counsel on the basis of forcing the client into a plea agreement. There were a billion twists to this case, including discovering the woman was previously married and her step-son was a White supremacist who was the one who actually murdered his own mom. Wow! Well, the team eventually won the case and their client is exonerated—winning her first class action appeal.

Frank: Frank is heartbroken that Laurel and Christopher are gone. He goes to play ball with Gabriel and takes a water break, so he can try to clone Gab’s phone. However, Gab has a flip phone which can’t be tracked. Shucks. Frank seemingly finds a woman on the street (while babysitting Christopher), quickly seduces her, and pays to her kick her roommate—Gabriel—out of her apartment. Slick, Frank, slick! Gabriel gets a new apartment (across from Asher’s) which is bugged by Frank.

Bonnie: Her and Ronald are still smitten. Adorbs. The two of them finally hit the sheets…well, the couch on the DA’s office. Also, Bonnie isn’t happy about Asher joining the DA’s office. Later, Bonnie and Annalise have a dinner and Annalise calls her stupid for hooking up with Ronald. She’s really in love/lust!

Nate: Nate’s boo found out the son’s DNA sample came from a missing persons organization in Washington, D.C. Nate heads there to get more information on the case, but they won’t give it up unless they have a signature from the DA, which is a problem because the interim DA is Bonnie’s boo. In another slick move, Nate is able to get Ronald to sign the paper by distracting him with Bonnie talk while he’s signing a bunch of papers. Nate receives information on the baby’s disapperance, including a photo of the suspect…Bonnie!

Keating Kids: Everyone is flustered, especially Asher who needs a new job. He eventually swindles his way into the DA’s office; much to Bonnie’s chagrin. Laurel is having trouble getting Christopher into a daycare, but eventually cons Crawford and Teagan by saying her mother was responsible for snitching on the firm (rather than Teagan) in order to get Christopher into the C&G daycare.

The Wedding: Bonnie is heading back to wedding venue with Baby Christopher in her hands. They head to the bathroom to clean up blood when Michaela and Laurel walk into the bathroom. Michaela asks her if she spoke to Nate (about what???). Laurel leaves the bathroom and Michaela asks Bonnie, “Whose blood is that? Whose blood is that, Bonnie?” *Fade to black*

Burning Questions: What is Gabriel hiding?

Who is in the snow: Michaela and Laurel have been ruled out this episode. Is it Nate? I feel like I’m trying to kill Nate every season. I don’t even want him to die, it just feels like the writers are always heading there and explains Annalise’s reaction. Hmm…

Overall: I LOVED this case of the week. It’s something I’ve missed from this show and glad there will be plenty this season with the class action cases. Couldn’t find any clues about the mystery person in the snow, but it will all come together later. I hate they’re trying to convince us Gabriel is Bonnie’s son, but I’m not falling for that twist.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • He’s trying to be like his dad. Little waitlist—Connor

  • Patty cake is 9-month territory. Try peek-a-boo. Who is this guy? —Frank

  • Stop. I’m being fab-stinent—Laurel

What do you think about Bonnie finding love? Do you feel bad for Teagan? Where is Bonnie’s baby? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments.

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