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HTGAWM: S5 E3 The Baby Was Never Dead

HTGAWM: S5 E3 The Baby Was Never Dead

Yes, yes, yes! This season is going to be great. This episode was fire.

Case of the week: Annalise has to take the psychopath CEO case. He’s a man who wrote a well-known book on psychopaths in the workplace. When his business partner winds up brutally murdered, he’s obviously the #1 suspect. The only evidence, the defendant’s belt. Annalise and team believe they have a great witness, who later turns on them to work for the DA’s office. Eventually, it’s revealed the wife of the “psychopath” had an affair with the business partner and killed him with her belt after discovering he was leaving the business (and she would lose money). He was willing to take the heat for his wife. A psychopath with a heart for his wife…Aww? In an O.J. Simpson style presentation, they try to frame the former witness by making her try on the belt, which fit perfectly as it was a woman’s belt. However, it didn’t work! The author was found guilty anyway; likely due to his callous demeanor throughout. Yikes.

Annalise: Annalise discovers the Governor has issued an executive order requiring all law students pass an ethics exam before working at clinics, which they aren’t supposed to take for another year! Ronald tries to make a deal with Annalise—have the CEO take a 10-year plea deal in exchange for getting the Governor off her back. No deal! The episode ends with Teagan and Annalise bonding through Teagan’s invite for salsa dancing. Crawford appears stressed from losing the case, which will likely have an effect on Annalise.

Frank: In Frank’s spying on Gabriel, he finds Gab has a hidden laptop and phone hidden in the fireplace. Frank borrows the laptop (while finding cash and an ID with a different name) and has a friend hack it, so Frank will have a clone of Gabriel’s screens. As he’s leaving Gabriel’s apartment, he runs into a drunk Michaela who was heading to Asher’s house to hook-up because she feels no one likes her. She won’t forget this moment when ish hits the fan later…

Bonnie: Bonnie has a cute note from Ronald telling her she’s beautiful. Adorbs, again. The cuteness is short-lived, as Asher tells Ronald about him and Bonnie’s relationship. Ronald confronts Bonnie aggressively, which does not go well. Annalise gives her some good life and relationship advice, as she sees Bonnie is trying to push Ronald away before they even get started. Bonnie and Ronald finally both apologize to each other and make amends.

Keating Kids: Michaela tries to make up with Teagan, but Teagan is adamant about not wanting to repair the relationship after what previously occurred between the two of them. Oliver is C&G’s newest employee and all the kiddos passed the legal ethics exam. Everyone—male and female—is crushing on Gabriel. Lastly, Laurel and crew are worried about Christopher not laughing and possibly being a psychopath. He eventually laughs, and Annalise say he laughs for her all the time. Haha!

Nate: Nate hunts down the sole witness, a nurse, of the kidnapper of Bonnie’s baby at the hospital. Initially, she claims to have little memory of the events, but later Nate returns to her home—asking her to confess before she dies from her cancer. She spills that the baby’s mother is the kidnapper and identified Bonnie (via photo) as the kidnapper/murder.

The episode ends with Nate going to Annalise’s crib. He presents her with the evidence of Bonnie’s baby being alive (she doesn’t appear shocked…). He tells her Bonnie kidnapped the baby and Annalise said it’s not Bonnie…it’s her sister! *dun dun dun*

The Wedding: Bonnie tells Michaela she cut herself shaving. Okayyyyyyy. She totally buys that. Back at the reception, we finally see Connor—all cut and bruised! He’s waiting for Oliver to return to the dance floor (perhaps for wedding reception festivities), but Oliver does not appear to be making his way there. Michaela immediately shoots Bonnie an accusatory look.

Burning Questions: What happened to Crawford in London? Who will be the first to shack up with Gabriel? Any guesses on Gabriel’s game? Is Ronald playing Bonnie?

Who is in the snow: With Nate’s degree of snooping, it could be him. What about Teagan? Then again, Connor does not appear that worried his hubby isn’t on the dance floor…agh!

Overall: Another fun case of the week. Again, another action-packed episode. I wonder if the loss of this week’s case will come back to haunt C&G. I can’t wait until Gabriel figures out Frank’s connection to the crew.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • You don’t have me on Google Alert? —Annalise

  • Actually, its mediocre men that make women bitter—Teagan

What do you think about Bonnie finding love? Do you feel bad for Teagan? Where is Bonnie’s baby? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments.

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