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HTGAWM: S5 E4 It's Her Kid

HTGAWM: S5 E4 It's Her Kid

Everyone is playing Inspector Gadget this episode. Who can we truly trust in this show? We’re about to find out!

Case(s) of the week: Back to Nate Sr.’s case! Annalise is preparing Nate Sr. for his psychological evaluation, as they hope to pursue an insanity plea. This causes another fight between Annalise and Nate because Nate Sr. believes if he wins this case, he’ll go home to Nate’s house—not the case as defendants who select an insanity plea typically go to a mental hospital. The students find evidence supporting an insanity claim for Nate Sr. and Annalise preps him for his evaluation. He’s struggling to understand because he’s lucid now and feels bad about his actions. He finally meets with the evaluator and confesses to not understanding his actions at the time of the murder, and the judge decides to hear their insanity defense. Nate finally delivers his father the news about his “win.”

There is a second case: Ruthie’s burgers. A manager of one of their franchise restaurants fired Black employees resulting in major scrutiny. The CEO is hurling microaggressions from the moment she walks in; also attempting to touch Annalise’s hair!!! Oh no she didn’t! Michaela tries to help Teagan work on the case instead. She cons Michaela into doing some grunt work in order to prove her loyalty while also running a con to be the lead attorney for the Ruthie’s case. Boom.

Annalise: Episode opens with Annalise going to the club…with Teagan! Yasssss, ladies! However, Annalise is having trouble focusing after her interaction with Nate. We see flashbacks of her fussing with Nate about whether or not to tell Bonnie about her alive son. Annalise is able to shake it off for a moment to get down on the dancefloor. Later, Annalise asks Crawford about his misconduct case in London, but he can’t legally answer. Sketchy. By the end of the episode, Nate convinces Annalise to tell Bonnie about her son.

Frank: Frank is frustrated because he can’t find any dirt on Gabriel’s computer. Oliver comes by to let Frank know he can work for him on searching Gabriel’s phone. Frank tries to play dumb, but Oliver already knows he’s hunting down Gabriel. He cleverly distracts Oliver by telling him he does backgrounds on all of Annalise’s students, not just Gabriel. Oliver continues investigating Gabriel—finding out he assaulted a doctor who overprescribed his mother with drugs. Frank hacks Oliver and discovers he’s still hacking Gabriel (what a mess) and tells him to stop.  

Bonnie: Ronald is officially the interim DA and he needs Bonnie to sign a consensual relationship agreement for HR—which would also make their relationship public. Again, Bonnie has reservations and consults with Annalise over lunch for advice. Bonnie wants to know why they’re meeting a public park, which is unusual. Annalise lies about why they’re meeting. In the end, she signs the agreement and is about to hand it to Ronald…when Annalise calls.

Annalise tells Bonnie everything which results in a heartbreaking scene. Annalise offers support to Bonnie.

Nate: Detective Lahey is back…to investigating Bonnie. He finds her sister with a young man (who is using drugs) who could be Bonnie’s son. Nate is able to retrieve the needle he found and using his lab boo to run more DNA tests—fortunately, she’s finally onto him using her. Lab tech delivers Nate the news that the boy is NOT Bonnie’s child…and she dumps Nate.

Keating Kids: The kids are all over the place. Asher even makes amends with Bonnie. Silly Connor decides to confront Annalise about his admissions inappropriately and she removes him as second chair from the case! Gabriel is now the second chair.

The Wedding: The crew is still waiting for Oliver to return to the dancefloor. Connor asks Michaela and his whereabouts. Michaela goes to call Nate and his phone rings…in Bonnie’s pocket. We flash to Annalise entering her home and breaking down on the floor. 

Burning Questions: Why is Gabriel so interested in Bonnie?

Who is in the snow: No new information aside from the phone and Annalise’s reaction. Who would invoke such a reaction? Nate for sure. Still thinking about Teagan as well. Asher is my 3rd choice.

Overall: Not a lot new happened in this episode. The second case of the week wasn’t that fun aside from facilitating a Teagan-Michaela reunion. Likely there are a lot of clues in this episode regarding murder night, but I’m just not putting the pieces together. Everything will fall into place in the next episode or two…

Quote(s) of the week:

  • We are poor, now move! —Oliver

  • You ready to knock out some more White folks in court again? —Nate Sr.

  • The hangover gods have answered my prayers—Michaela

  • I don’t eat oppression—Gabriel

  • I should start wearing garlic to keep you away—Teagan

  • I’m Martin Luther damn King trying to blow up the justice system—Annalise

Should Annalise have told Bonnie? Why is Crawford going to London? Will Nate Sr win his insanity defense? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments.

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