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Foodie Files: Flaming Joe's Seafood

Foodie Files: Flaming Joe's Seafood

It’s Denver Restaurant Week! Unfortunately, I’m out of town most of the week, but I couldn’t miss out on a few new places. First up—Flaming Joe’s Seafood. Tucked in a shopping plaza in Aurora was a hidden seafood restaurant with a small bar. There Restaurant Week menu provided 4-course for a low $35 given the food that was provided. This restaurant was Louisiana inspired, down to the delicious hurricane I had to drink before the meal. Yum!

2019-02-27 19.03.39.jpg

First, I had a choice of gumbo or salad. I stuck with salad because I knew I would be eating a lot of seafood later. Good call.

2019-02-27 19.20.23.jpg

Next, I ordered the chagrilled oysters. Tons of butter, garlic, cheese, and seasoning. Yum! Also, each were rather big—just like you would have on the Gulf Coast.

2019-02-27 19.31.40.jpg

For my entree, I had the snow crab boil. Snow crab clusters with sausage, potatoes, and corn, all covered in the spicy cajun garlic butter seasoning I selected. So , so good! To the point another table made fun of me for how quickly and thoroughly I devoured everything.

2019-02-27 19.51.22.jpg

For the final course, I ordered beignets! Unfortunately, I was too full to eat them at the restaurant and took them home. They were light and flurry and a good substitute for the ones I had in New Orleans just a few weeks ago.

Overall, I LOVED this place! I’m sad i didn’t know about it early to get my seafood fix. I will definitely be back outside of Restaurant Week.

*Disclosure: This was not a sponsored post. All opinions are purely my own.*

Have you been to Flaming Joe’s Seafood? Have I been missing out this whole time? What is your favorite type of seafood? Leave it in the comments below!

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