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Foodie Files: Retrograde

Foodie Files: Retrograde

I recall reading an article about top speakeasies in the area and quickly added Retrograde to my list. I had dinner at Angelo's Taverna and afterward, needed a cocktail. I decided that this would be a great evening to head over to 19th Ave. to learn about this new spot.

Retrograde is hidden (as most speakeasies are) in Frozen Matter, an ice cream shop. Towards the back of the shop you see a large freezer door. I'm not down for becoming trapped in freezersa common horror movie trope I don't want to experience in real-life. However, you must flip the switch to enter the speakeasy which is behind the freezer door! How cool!

2017-12-30 18.37.21.jpg
2017-12-30 18.37.51.jpg

After my ID is check I'm escorted through the doorwithout being kidnappedand taking to Retrograde. It is gorgeous inside! It's a small, quaint spot. It has about 8 booths and a small bar. It has a definite sexy vibe and would be great for a late-night date.

2017-12-30 18.49.21.jpg

The menu here was incredible. During this venture, the cocktails had some unique, Sci-Fi based names. I sampled They Live (a bourbon and brandy-based drink) and The Stuff (12-year El Dorado). YUM!!!! Homemade toffee on the drink?!?! It was the best toffee I've had in my life (I may have asked for an additional piece...).

2017-12-30 18.46.45.jpg
2017-12-30 19.44.44.jpg

Retrograde is super swank. Classy with the best cocktails I've had in Denver. I will definitely re-visit for a nightcap when I'm in the area again.

*Disclosure: This was not a sponsored post. All opinions are purely my own.*

Have you had a cocktail at Retrograde? Did you even know the place existed? What is your favorite Denver speakeasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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