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Foodie Files: Element Kitchen

My heart was broken. I loved the City Hall venue on Broadway for so many events (see The Cocktail Project party post). When I heard they chopped it up to insert several different venues, I was sad. R.I.P. City Hall

However, when I heard Top Chef contestant and James Beard-nominee John Tesar was building a farm-to-bar sports bar, I was intrigued. Element Kitchen and Cocktail now occupies a fraction of the City space.

I wander into Element and see the nice exposed brick space that City Hall had. Inside was a large screen, showing football, along with several booths and tables, and a long bar with more smaller televisions in order to show various games. Once I received the menu, it was definitely unique for a sports bar. Not many burgers, but contained wings. No fries, but smashed potatoes. Interesting.

I ordered a pork belly Báhn Mì and the garlic and Parmesan smashed potatoes. OMG! This Báhn Mì was one of the best I've had! And for a sports bar?!?! Amazing. The smashed potatoes had a healthy amount of garlic and were well-seasoned. Slam dunk!

2017-10-07 18.02.15.jpg

Yes, those are deviled eggs and brussel sprouts. Some might yawn as every restaurant is doing their own version, but these were incredible! The deviled eggs had maple flavored bacon and the brussel sprouts (also with bacon. I love bacon) were plentiful and delicious. The pineapple sidecar on the side was a refreshing palate cleanser as well.

2017-12-15 21.29.40-1.jpg

Element has a nice beer selectionHowever, you all know I'm not the biggest beer drinker. I did select a nice cider to go with my meal which I enjoyed. Heavy on the passionfruit flavor which I enjoyed.

2017-11-25 19.24.35.jpg

The next time I went, I definitely ordered my smash potatoes. However, I wanted to try their serrano chili and Parmesan wings. Yummy! While I wanted a little more spice, these were delicious. Another home run!

2017-11-25 19.34.21.jpg

I enjoyed my trips to Element Kitchen. They have a diverse menu with unique flavors while providing the televisions you need for your sports viewing pleasure. It is definitely a place to stop-by if you are around Broadway.

*Disclosure: This was not a sponsored post. All opinions are purely my own.*

Have you ventured to Element Kitchen? What is your favorite menu item? Are you happy with their beer selection? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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