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HTGAWM: S4 E15 Nobody Else Is Dying

HTGAWM: S4 E15 Nobody Else Is Dying

Season 4 finale! Will our burning questions be answered?!?!

Annalise: Annalise finds out from Nate the car accident was due to foul play! But Bonnie shows up to meet them!!! Who was in the accident?!?!?! DA Denver!!!! Honestly, I was ready for him to be gone.

Annalise meets with Teagan to discuss having possession of the Antaris files. Teagan isn't giving into Annalise's games. Since that didn't work, Annalise calls Mr. Castillo to offer him the Antaris files back in exchange for Laurel's son. Fortunately (we think), he gives into Annalise's request (see below for more).

At the end, we find out that Annalise won her case!!!!! She is named a legal powerhouse.

Laurel: Laurel's father calls her to ask about her mother's whereabouts. He has her son and threatens her because he believes she hurt her mother. Everyone around her believes she's capable of hurting her mother. Luckily, the FBI wants to interview her because she was the last one to see DA Denver alive and offers her a distraction. Laurel leads the FBI to her father.

Laurel gets her baby back due to Annalise's deal with Mr. Castillo. As Laurel and Frank are leaving the hospital, Mr. Castillo is arrested by the FBI!!! He's arrested on several charges because Teagan helped to throw him under the bus for immunity! Everyone is free, right?

Laurel is battling nightmares, but wakes up in Bonnie's home to her baby and the world being just fine. She takes a shower while self-proclaimed Godmother Annalise rocks the baby to the lullaby we heard her mom sing to her earlier in the season. In the shower, we see Laurel has scars, deep scars, on her arms...

Keating Kids: Connor and Michaela are DONE. Tons of blows were thrown throughout the entire episode. We also discover that Connor failed out of law school rather than quit!!! Annalise put him on the class action lawsuit in order to help him get back into school. Aww! At the end of the episode, he preps his re-enrollment application essay.

Michaela tells Annalise that she wants to set up a plan to get Simon deported because she doesn't trust him. Fortunately, Annalise has turned a new leaf and that plan is too low for her. HOWEVER, toward the end of the episode Michaela revealed to the team she had Homeland Security/ICE pick him up anyway. An ultimate low!

The episode ends with Asher moving into Wes' old place. Why?1?! No one makes it out of that apartment alive. Anywho, while helping him unpack Oliver asks him to be his Best Man. Totes adorbs.

Bonnie: Nip/Tuck guy...fine, fine...Ronald Miller gathered all the ADAs to mourn Denver's death. He comes to Bonnie's office to call a truce. At the end of the episode, Bonnie swipes right on Ronald on a Tinder-like app and they're a match!

Nate: Nate is doing his own investigation into DA Denver. Later, Nate shows up with the hard drive. Denver had it the whole time! Either way, go team! Nate later tells Bonnie about the files Denver kept on all Keating affiliated folks. He claims he shredded them; HOWEVER, we find out he kept them!!! We see him going through Bonnie's file and comes across the words, "Child Alive??" on a DNA test.

Frank: The episode ends with Frank checking into law school! He notices a (handsome) man also checking into law school by the name of Gabriel Maddox. Frank picks up his phone, calls someone, and says, "It looks like the good times didn't last too long. The kid's here."

Who has the hard drive: Nate via Denver! I'm going with NATE!!! The first reveal from this show I've ever had right. Booyah!!! J/K

Who is Gabriel Maddox: It is appears we have next season's mystery! I'm not ready to guess. The two obvious answers Bonnie's child or Annalise's childseem TOO obvious.

Burning Questions: How did Laurel get the scratches? Did she kill her mother? Frank, Annalise, her own Daddy all believe she did.

Overall: I enjoyed this season. I did think there was too much emphasis on Laurel and her family, but overall the storyline was great. From Jimmy Smits to Simon to the crossover episode, the writers wrote a pretty cohesive story this season. See you all next season!

Quote(s) of the week:

  • Why does this keep happening to us? Connor
  • No one else is dying Annalise
  • You can't seem to help jumping on every meatstick that winks at you Asher

How did you feel about Season 4? Did Laurel kill her own momma? Who is Gabriel Maddox? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments!

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Roll On: March 16, 2018

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