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Scandal: S7 E14 The List

Scandal: S7 E14 The List

This was an interesting episode! All about taking down the patriachy!

The episode opens with a young lady purchasing a gun. Okay…

Olivia: Olivia shows up to Abby’s place to tell her the news about Cyrus, but Abby is not welcoming at all. Liv wants help from her old team. REALLY?!?!?! Since Olivia doesn’t have any other friends, she hunts down Marcus to go out for drinks. However, the father (Gary) of the woman (Alicia) we saw at the beginning of the episode arrives trying to get their assistance to find his missing daughter. It looks like Fitz, Olivia, and Marcus are teaming up to pursue this case. Is this the new OPA??

Liv arrives to Alicia’s apartment and her roommate (Megan) lets Olivia tour around the place. It looks as though both roomies were paired because of their affiliation with a congressman, but Alicia ultimately was fired. After telling Marcus, he discovers Alicia was on a list of interns who wouldn’t hookup with congressmen. Olivia and Marcus confront the congressman and he says he didn’t put her on the list or know of her whereabouts. As they are confronting him, Marcus’ phone is ringing…Alicia is dead. Death by suicide. Understandably, her father is angry, but directing his anger at Olivia since she is part of the same government Olivia thrived from and his daughter adored. Ouch!

As they scramble to think of how to change the system, but Olivia has an idea—find others on the list. She returns to Alicia’s roommate and asks her to corroborate the story of the women on the list. Marcus asks Mellie to support a bill or Executive Order addressing the workplace harassment, but she is resistant. Marcus accidentally blurts a low blow (“When it comes to you, I never get what I want!”) and that’s the end of the story…

Eventually, Megan decides to hold a press conference (with Alicia’s dad present) which exposed congressmen and share her story. Shout-out to picking Whitney Houston’s I Believe in You and Me—it was super powerful during this moment! Anywho, Fitz congrats Olivia and they part separate ways. The episode ends with Olivia telling Abby that she can’t let Mellie stand alone. Abby agrees to join her on this fight.

QPA: Olivia shows up to Abby’s place to tell her the news about Cyrus, but Abby is not welcoming at all. Liv wants help from her old team. REALLY?!?!?! Didn’t you just have your friend “murdered?” QPA ain’t buying it but decide to cautiously pursue it. While watching Cyrus on the news, Abby notices the painting he was given by his ex-boo is missing. An expensive painting that could be used to pay off a hacker. Good work, team! However, once Abby reveals she received the intel from Olivia, Quinn shut the whole operation down immediately! Abby meets with Olivia to tell her QPA is no longer helping her.

Mellie/Jake: Mellie has hurt her back and needs Jake’s help to get Congress to agree on a budget, and she wants him to seek Cyrus’ assistance. However, Jake is still busy investigating the Air Force Two hack. Mellie wants to also pursue the hacker…and tells Cyrus, but he’s running around milking the news cycle. Later, Mellie and Jake are collaborating on budgetary stuff, but Mellie’s still complaining of back pain. Is there something more to this than just a tweak? Nope, just yoga. Then, Mellie and Jake made some googly eyes at each other for 3 seconds. Huh??? Ya’ll need to lay off the hooch.

Mellie decides to write legislation regarding workplace sexual harassment and tells Jake she is not interested (especially in sleeping with someone who has slept with Olivia. Haha!). Jake apologizes, stating he found himself attracted to Mellie, but Mellie believes it’s part of a ploy.

The very end of the episode shows Charlie getting arrested—Jake and Huck found Charlie was responsible for the hack! Charlie denies it when confronted by Quinn, and they come to a realization about who set him up…Quinn shows up at Olivia’s place and we assume she is ready to take down the patriarchy too!

Overall: Great episode on workplace harassment that is super timely. I love how the writing team is still staying current despite being headed toward the end of the series. Kudos! Again, I’m starting to see Olivia’s white hat return.

Prediction(s): This Cyrus takedown is going to be massive. Again, can Olivia truly takedown her long-time friend? I think so. 

What did you think about this episode? Did you like the “case of the week” return? Should the QPA folks forgive Olivia? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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