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Roll On: February 2, 2018

Roll On: February 2, 2018

Hope you had a good week, KCSO peeps! A ton of fun news this week.

Did you secure a pair from the Season of Her Jordan collection? They're so pretty!

We still can't get over Kendrick Lamar's powerful and important Grammy performance.

Jennifer Hudson will be playing Aretha Franklin in a biopic.

Getting married this year? Check out this cute Keds x Kate spade shoe collection! Super comfy.

There's an Olympic-themed pop-up bar coming to Denver! We'll be checking it out.

Only F Gary Gray can get me back into the Men in Black franchise.

Here is a great article about female music producers (or the lack thereof).

Ronda Rousey is now with the WWE.

10 of 2018's highly anticipated beauty trends.

I would say, "have a great weekend." However, Sunday night's This Is Us will ruin that for us. ;)

HTGAWM: S4 E11 He's a Bad Father

HTGAWM: S4 E11 He's a Bad Father

Grammy Awards 2018

Grammy Awards 2018