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HTGAWM: S4 E12 Ask Him About Stella

HTGAWM: S4 E12 Ask Him About Stella

This episode should be titled More Questions Than Answers.

Dr. Roja & Annalise: The episode kicks off with Dr. Roja in his car immediately after the tough moment on the stand. He heads to a hamburger stand and orders K-pex, a opioid (also, who throws out a burger and fries?!?!), heads back to his office, and snorts them; leading to the intoxicated state we saw him in at the end of last episode.

Annalise returns to his office the next morning and Dr. Roja lied about his whereabouts. Annalise promises she'll protect him and he immediately realizes she and Bonnie are working together again. He quickly breaks down and admits to her that he relapsed. The two of them begin connecting and exchanging stories over breakfast at a dinner. Dr. Roja spills his whole story to her about his drug use history and marriage. Something felt off about their interaction. I have a feeling Annalise will use this against him in the future...

Their next breakfast date is the morning of the anniversary of Stella's death and continue to bond. Later that day, Bonnie arrives with evidence that might help close the case, but Annalise notices Stella overdosed on K-pex, the same drug Dr. Roja used a few days prior. Finally, Dr. Roja confesses to the truth. His daughter returned home after dropped out of college and overdosed on his drugs; therefore, he HADN'T been sober 23 years. In order to conceal things, he threw out the evidence and wrote a text to his wife to make Stella's death seem like a suicide rather than an overdose. Bonnie tries to convince Annalise to step away from this mess, but she tells Bonnie to convince the ADA to close the case.

Annalise tells Isaac the case is dropped and he goes in for a kiss! Annalise stops him because he's high. She confronts him about his behavior and he blames her for the relapse, resulting in a huge confrontation! Annalise call Jaqueline to tell her Isaac relapsed and he lunges for her! Luckily, she gets out the door after a few more verbal jabs exchanged. This is not going to end well...

Class action/Keating Kids: The class action suit is quickly moving and the Keating kids are preparing for the trial opening. Annalise heads to meet with Nate Sr to help him prepare his story for the trial. We hear the tragic story of his history of mental illness combined with his long stint in solitary confinement. Annalise is prepared to offer her opening statement using his narrative, but the case is being taken away and now going to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which means only a brief can be submitted; not testimony.

Annalise shows up to the PA Supreme Court hearing to present her brief. Unfortunately, Annalise lost the case and she apologizes to Nate. Annalise is ready to give up all together. Michaela is not happy about everyone giving up and confronts Annalise; telling her they need to do morego to the U.S. Supreme Court. She says she knows a person who can help and that person is in town. Annalise walks into a class room to hear a guest lecture from...Olivia Pope.

In other news, Connor is going to go enroll in summer law school to get caught up AND he wants to get married over the summer. Connor-Oliver reunion!

Bonnie: Bonnie cons one of the other DAs into letting her help him with Dr. Roja's case. She presents her evidence to the ADA, but he ain't buying her nice act. He tells her he's pursuing charges of 2nd degree Murder anyway, as he believes she's aligned with Annalise. Bonnie panics and confronts DA Denver with the conversation she recorded between the two of them, linking him to Mr. Castillo. Drop the investigation or lose his election is the choice she offers him. It worked. However, Bonnie knows her life is at stake and tells Frank to move back in with her.

Laurel/Frank: Frank is busy hacking into Laurel's mother's phone most of the episode and discovers she's been in cahoots with Laurel's father for the last week. Simultaneously, Laurel finds out she gets to meet her baby and books a flight for her mother to come to the visit. Laurel finally gets to meet her baby for some time and reveals she's naming him Christopherafter his daddy, Kristoff. The episode ends with Frank confronting Laurel's mother with the picture of her and Wes...

Who has the hard drive: Do we still care? Still sticking with Nate until other evidence presents itself.

Burning Questions: How did Wes know Laurel's mom??? Is Dr. Roja lying to us?

Overall: Great episode. Glad we had more of Dr. Roja's back story since it always seemed fishy. Also, the narrative about the problems in the criminal justice system this season are very well-written. However, I'm ultimately worried Bonnie and/or Frank will be a dead body at the end of the season.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • Or we just snickerdoodle and chill Asher
  • Calm down, Atticus Michaela

Do you think Dr. Roja is further lying? What's Frank doing? Are you ready for How to Get Away with a Scandal?!?!?! Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments!

Scandal: S7 E11 Army of One

Scandal: S7 E11 Army of One

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