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This is Us: S2 E15 The Car

This is Us: S2 E15 The Car

Who thought a whole episode could revolve around a Jeep Wagoneer and be so powerful. Let's discuss the Pearsons' new ride.

The Car

Jack, Rebecca, and the Big 3 enter a car dealership in order to buy a new car strategically to show they don't have a lot of money to spend. The Jeep Wagoneer is the hot new car in the dealership, but they can't quite afford it; however, the used cars have a lot to be desired. Jack meets with the salesman solo and returns to announce they'll be buying the Wagoneer!

Next, we see the Pearsons headed to a Weird Al concert (holy flashback!) in their Wagoneer. We find out that Rebecca has a fear of bridges that Jack and the kids have to coax her through. Adorbs.

In another flashback, we see Jack and Rebecca in the Wagoneer after what looks like a stressful doctor's appointment. It sounds like doctor's are concerned Rebecca may have a brain tumor. Jack takes Rebecca to a park which has his favorite tree (the tree we saw Kevin at last episode!). He discusses how its his favorite tree because good things happen there. They receive a page and head to the nearest payphone and find out Rebecca doesn't have a tumor! The tree is magic. He also says he wants her to live forever and that he'll go first, so he doesn't want to be buried. Awwwww!!!

Now, Randall is learning how to drive! As always, Kevin is giving him a hard time and they almost get into a car accident. Jack gets so upset, he kicks both boys out of the Wagoneer and forces them to walk home! When they arrive home, they apologize to Jack who is doing maintenance on the car. Jack tells them he would have never treated his brother the way they treat each other. We also find out his brother died during the war.

For a Kate moment, we see Jack driving around downtown when he finds Kate skipping school. She's skipping school to attend an Alanis Morrisette Jaded Little Pill record signing (holy flashback!). Jack makes her get in the car in order to take her there. He claims Alanis' album isn't music and changes the tape to Bruce Springsteen. Kate also admits to writing her own songs and Jack encourages her to take her music career seriously. Before she heads into the record store, he mentions they should go to a Springsteen concert in the future.

The final scene is the Pearson family coming home from their Super Bowl grocery shopping (the day of the fire). Jack tells them he has a surprise for them next weekthe Springsteen tickets.

The episode ends with Jack negotiating with the car salesman. He states that while he can't afford the car, he needs the car in order for his family to create new memories. He says he wants his family to be okay.

Funeral Day

The episode opens with Rebecca finding Bruce Springsteen tickets in the glove compartment of the Wagoneer while waiting on her kids to come out of their motel room to go to Jack's funeral. Rebecca is in a rush to get to the cemetery before the urn arrives. Kevin and Kate are very tense during the car rideKate discussing how to get rid of Louie and Kevin struggling with his tie.

The Pearsons arrive at the cemetery, but not before the urn. People arrive and we see the funeral and parts of different eulogies, including Miguel's and Randall's eulogies. At the "viewing," Kevin notices Randall wearing Jack's watch and throws a HUGE fit in front of everyone. He even blames Randall for letting Jack go back into the burning house! How awful.

Kate wakes up in the middle of the night (the night before the funeral? This was a confusing scene) and Rebecca follows her. She wants to know why Jack died, and Rebecca tells her it was due to the smoke inhalation. Kate is not happy with the answer, as she feels she is to blame for Jack returning to the house.

Dr. K and his wife show up after the funeral to see Rebecca! Rebecca says she's so worried about the urn because she wasn't there when Jack died. Aww! Also, she says she's not fearless like Jack; however, Dr. K tells her that Jack was quite fearful. Jack would often come to his office seeking advice. Dr. K further explains to her that she's stronger than she believes.

Rebecca gathers the Big 3 and takes them to the tree. Rebecca recollects the story of her brain tumor scare night with them. She lectures the boys on not having to take the role of "man of the house." Rebecca also forcefully tells Kate that Jack's death was not her fault. Each of them spreads some of Jack's ashes at the base of the tree and Rebecca "tells Jack" they'll be okay. Afterwards, Rebecca has to cross that bridge from the Weird Al concert incident, as she does so successfully and confidently.

Overall: I enjoyed this episode more than anticipated. Although it had the car theme, it wasn't too cheesy and gave us a good picture of everyone's individual moments with Jack. Now that the Jack's death mystery is resolved, I can't wait to see where the show heads.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • I've memorized all the phobias  Randall

Predictions: Back to the present day timeline. What is Deja doing back at Randall and Beth's house??

What did you think of The Car? Do you think we'll have the Dr. K and Jack scenes? Did your family own a Wagoneer? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

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Roll On: February 9, 2018

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