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This is Us: S2 E14 Super Bowl Sunday

This is Us: S2 E14 Super Bowl Sunday

OMG! I can't even. We were only able to celebrate a Tom Brady loss for a few minutes before our hearts were ripped out of our chests. Let's try to cover this as best as we can...


The episode opens with Jack awakening to smoke entering his bedroom! He immediately wakes Rebecca, Randall, and Kate. He is quickly able to get Randall out of his room, down the hall, and into his and Rebecca's room. There is a ton of smoke! Next, he goes to get Kate who is understandably panicking. However, the fire is getting larger, so he has to grab a mattress to block them from the fire as they make it down the hallwaysustaining a burns to his hands. Luckily, they make it and Jack gets everyone to the roof and shimmies everyone down using from tied up blankets. What kind of superhero is he?!?!?!

The Rebecca and the kids are safely in the front lawn, but Kate recalls that her dog, Louie, is in the home. She is screaming for her father to go back in to get the dog. WTH?!?!?! Jack goes back into the home and soon after flames come bursting out of the windows!!! Just when we think this is Jack's demise, he comes running out of the front door with both Louie and a bag!!! Again, what kind of superhero is he?!?!?!

The firefighters and ambulance arrives to the house and the paramedics encourage Jack to go to the hospital to get his burns treated, as well as get treated for smoke inhalation. He shows Rebecca the materials he grabbed (one being the videotape he recorded of Rebecca) and Rebecca calls him an idiot for going back in the house. They drop the kids off at Miguel's and head to the hospital.

At the hospital (the same the Big 3 were born), Jack is doing relatively well despite the smoke inhalation. The doctor offers him pain meds for his hand, which he has to refuse in order to maintain his sobriety. Otherwise, the doctor says he's doing fairly well and they could head back home shortly. Jack and Rebecca catch a quiet tender moment where they are so adorable.

Rebecca goes to the break room to handle some business and get a snack from the vending machine for her and Jack. As she is on the phone with Kate in the break room, we see commotion behind her...doctor's running into Jack's room! She grabs a candy bar and shortly thereafter the doctor comes to speak to her and inform her that Jack died from cardiac arrest. Rebecca bites into her candy bar and the doctor repeats Jack has died. Rebecca accuses the doctor of being mistaken and runs to the room to find Jack's body. OH MY GOD. This scene...

Rebecca leaves the hospital with all of Jack's possessions and heads to Miguel's house. She and Miguel are outside when she breaks the news to Miguel. She tells him, he needs to be strong or stay out her way as she breaks the news to the kids. Then, we see the scene from earlier in the season from when she tells Kate and Randall. Kevin is out with Sophie, no where to be found.

Present Day

Kate: Kate kicks off Super Bowl Sunday by watching the tape Jack recorded of her singinga tradition she does every Super Bowl Sunday in order to grieve. Toby is being his gentle loving self when the VCR begins to eat the tape!! Umm, it's time to upgrade that to digital. Toby says he knows a guy who can fix it. Of course he does!

Kate and Toby are waiting for the tape to be repaired. Again, Toby tries to cheer her up, but Kate states she wants to have her one day a year to wallow, and explains she feels responsible for her father's death. Fortunately, the tape is quickly repaired! They return home and Kate is watching the digital (on the cloud!) version of the video. Kate finally tells Toby he's the guy that treats her and sees her like her father did. Awww!

Rebecca & Kevin: Rebecca and Kevin are discussing plans for the day. Kevin is unsure of how what he'll do this year, as he typically engages in some risque behavior on the day. Rebecca continues to celebrate the day by cooking lasagna, Jack's favorite dish while Miguel respectfully leaves the home that day in order to let her grieve. She also says Jack usually sends her some type of message.

Kevin goes through some old artifacts of Jack's and finds his AA 6-month coin. He takes a ride out to a park with a tree where apparently he went for Jack's funeral. He has a conversation with his father; offering his apology for his last interaction with his father as a teen. Kevin tells his father he's going to change his ways (and tells him he did a movie with Rocky). 

Rebecca is eating her lasagna and watching the Super Bowl when Kevin calls her from the tree. He finally makes amends with her, too; remarking how hard it must have been for her at the time of Jack's passing. They're able to bond and rebuild.

Randall: Unlike Kate, Randall celebrates Super Bowl Sunday since it was his father's favorite holiday. And boy, does he celebrate with an all out feast and a "Caution: Hot Dad" apron while dancing to the Super Bowl Shuffle. Beth would rather take it easy today, but let's Randall have his moment. We also discover the landline phone keeps mysteriously coming off the hook. Next, we get an extended version of the scene we saw earlier in the season. A little boy named Jordan is told by his caseworker that a foster family has been found. A boy for Randall?!?! YES!!!

Annie's new lizard, Mr. McGiggles, get loose during the party and everyone starts to panic. Randall calms everyone down and Beth leaves the room to answer the phone; however, as she's walking back to the party crunch is heard, and goodbye, Mr. McGiggles. Randall promptly holds a memorial for the day-old Mr. McGiggles, which turns bleak as he recalls his father's death which occurred 20 years ago.

Tess has seemed a little down most of day, so Randall finally speaks with her alone. She admits to taking the landline off the hook because she knew social services calls that line. Tess is worried she isn't enough for Randall because he is always searching for something new (i.e., William, Deja, job). He tells her she's his entire world (Awwwwww!) and she will always be his #1, and have dinners with him every week for the rest of her life.  The landline rings and Beth answers it in a excited manner. Once again, we see the scene of the little boy and the social worker...only a White family comes in to meet him. WTH? Then, in walks in an aged Randall!!! The social worker IS TESS!!!! A flash forward!!!! In the present day, it was Deja calling the house phone!! She's outside the door!!

Overall: What an incredible (albeit sad) episode. Mandy Moore wins the night! Give her the Emmy...now! Also, bravo to all the people at NBC who input footage from the 2018 Super Bowl THAT JUST ENDED into the show. It will be interesting to see how each of the Big 3 moves forward, as they all healed quite a bit.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • It was a good house though Randall

  • I will let you cathart Toby

  • Well, typically I would get blackout drunk and sleep with hottest model who'll have me. What do you do? Kevin

Same Rebecca

  • He ain't giggling now Beth

Predictions: Tuesday night NBC is hitting us with the funeral episode. We didn't even have time to recover from this...Predictions: more sadness, obvi.

How are you feeling after this much-anticipated episode? What will you do if Mandy Moore doesn't win the Emmy next year? What do you think about the flash forward? Will Deja be back for good? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

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