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HTGAWM: S4 E11 He's a Bad Father

HTGAWM: S4 E11 He's a Bad Father

Not many answers resolved just yet. This episode helps to build the tension and discover alliances. Let's jump into it!

Laurel & Annalise: The episode opens with Laurel speaking to her mother...in French! Laurel knows French?!?! Laurel's mom is French?!?! This girl is harboring too many secrets. Anyway, Laurel's mother was really close to Dominic and has known a lot of what has been going on. Laurel believes her mother can help, but Annalise is a lot more skeptical.  Annalise isn't the only one skeptical of Laurel's story...none of the Keating kids believe Dominic and Wes could have had a relationship without Laurel knowing.

Laurel's mom pops up to the courthouse, appearing as though she wants to help. Laurel has a run-in with her father and he says he just wants the hard drive (we think) in exchange Baby Wes. In addition, he says Laurel's destroying the family over a misunderstanding. I TOLD YA! I don't think he was involved in Wes' death. Anyway, Laurel hits the stand and she's questioned about her substance use and mental health history (she had an eating disorder in the past and used cocaine to suppress her appetite). Her medical records were also retrieved, which revealed she considered an abortion. Basically, the opposing counsel spent a lot of time proving her instability.

Laurel apologizes to her mom for not telling her about her pregnancy. Her mom says she's doing well now, but Laurel isn't ready to hear this conversation. The next day at court, Laurel's mom appears to be having cold feet. Annalise tries to talk her out of testifying because Dr. Roja will be testifying that day to no avail. Instead, Annalise rips her apart on the standquestioning her mental state and ability to mother Laurel. We discover Laurel cared for her mother during all of her difficulties.

Dr. Roja hits the stand and gives great expert testimony. However, upon cross-examination, he is DESTROYED. Mr. Castillo's attorneys bring up Isaac's history of addiction AND his daughter's death by suicide. They also reveal he was a person of interest in his daughter's death...AND the DA's office is re-opening the case! OH NOOOOO! Now, Isaac's testimony cannot be used and Annalise's team no longer have an expert. Thus, Laurel cannot have custody of Baby Wes at this time.

At the end of the episode, Laurel begins questioning herself about her father's involvement in Wes's death. Her mother tells her not to worry. Meanwhile, Dr. Roja is tucked away in his office and not doing well. The episode ends with Bonnie presenting Frank with more information about Wes's final moments. There a picture of Wes...with Laurel's mother.

Class action: Nate Lahey, Sr. What a twist! He was arrested for drugs and parole violations for most of Nate's childhood, and eventually beat an inmate to death. Unfortunately, he had over 15 lawyers who appeared to botch his case. Although Nate Jr. fed, Annalise the case, he is hesitant to have her involved with his father who has been in solitary confinement for over 2 years. However, they head to jail and meet Mr. Lahey Sr, and Annalise tries to pitch him the class action. He's doing okay until he discovers Annalise was asked to be here because of his son. Nate Jr. introduces himself (I guess he didn't recognize Nate), and he begins to go off because Nate Jr. became a cop; thus, working for people who have kept him confined. What a sad story arc. Later, Annalise tells Nate she wants to bring up a mental health defense for his father. Nate has appeared to lose all hope and doesn't want his father involved. However, Annalise is fighting! Both for herself and for Nate's dad.

Nate meets with his father again and his father decides to go along with the case. Nate shows up at Annalise's door with the good news. They were about to share a kiss (and more?), but decided not to...thank goodness! They still have some healing to do.

Bonnie: Bonnie is busy searching Wes's phone records when she realizes someone is likely mirroring her computer! She meets with Frank who wants to do a sweep of her place, and he also discusses his concerns about Laurel and her stories. Bonnie is ready to kill Laurel off! Yikes, Bon Bon!

Keating Kids: Asher is so distracted he can't sleep with Michaela for once. Connor finally tells Oliver to chill.

Who has the hard drive: Still sticking with Nate...

Burning Questions: How did Wes know Laurel's mom? Why did they make contact?

Overall: Great episode. I'm glad everyone is becoming suspicious of Laurel because there is a lot more to what she knows. I still don't a Castillo family-centered story arc, but we'll see how cold Laurel's mother is, and whether Laurel is going to make it out of all of this unscathed.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • Even the non-lawyer here thinks this is a terrible ideaConnor
  • You two boning? To be honest, I get a whiff of your mother on herNate Lahey Sr

What is Laurel's mom doing? Is Laurel beginning to break down? Is Nate Sr a good poster child for the class action? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments!

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