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Scandal: S7 E9 Good People

Scandal: S7 E9 Good People

The episode we've been waiting for...Quinn's kidnapping details. Let's go...

The episode opens with Eli shopping for a suitcase from a friendly salesman. Then, we see Quinn in her wedding gown get on the QPA elevator that gets stuck...and we see Eli head towards a car with the suitcase in tow and a bit of Quinn-like hair peaking from the suitcase. Sick.

Quinn awakens in Eli's basement chained to a wall. She calls for help and Eli comes downstairs and she goes off on him. He politely tells her she's in a well-constructed bunker and informed her that her friends believe she has cold feet. Quinn thinks Olivia sent him to kill her, she recalls B613 doesn't kill women or children.  He tells her he hopes to trade her for his freedom and she should be released in a few hours. [Insert cold open]

We get a full replay of the scene where Eli tells Liv he has Quinn over dinner. When Eli returns home, we see that he wanted to kill Quinn right away (and that he talks to dinosaur figurines...). He returns to the store from the beginning of the episode and now is crib shopping for Quinn. When he returns home, he visits Quinn and she realizes Olivia is not down for an immediate exchange. At least he brought her cereal and an exchange of clothes...

Next, we get a scene of Eli going to a bar and he runs into his clerk from the convenience store. They have a nice bonding session over their military careers. This appears to be a seemingly meaningless exchange/scene...

Quinn begins to hallucinate and see visions of her friends giving her advice on how to escape. She ain't doing too well. Although she knows Eli bought a crib for the baby, it doesn't ensure her safety. Meanwhile, we get another flashback scene of Jake and Eli talking about Olivia's holding out on the exchange. Eli goes searching his house for all of his weapons and they're missing! He goes to see his clerk/bar buddy to purchase a gun (on discount!) for him and his buddy does.

We get another replay of Eli and Olivia's showdown from two episodes ago. However, we get to see things from Quinn's perspective now. We see her trying to find ways to escape or fight while still hallucinating. Quinn can also overhear everything Olivia is saying upstairs. When Eli goes downstairs, Quinn puts up a fight with a chain! She was able to release herself from the chain with the use of hairpin Liv gave her for her wedding. Eli accidentally fired the first shot as they wrestled, then...Eli fires the second shot into the wall; not killing Quinn.

After Liv leaves, Eli releases Quinn from downstairs and they both head to the kitchen for a drink (of water since she's pregnant) when Quinn goes into labor! Eli has to call up his buddy, who delivered babies during his time in the military, to deliver Quinn's baby. Quinn wakes up later in a bedroom upstairs to Eli walking around with her child. They have a love exchange as Quinn holds her child for the first time. He says Quinn will be staying there for a while...however, Quinn notices there's clothes for a 24 month old child. That's a long while, sir!!! She goes to confront Eli who is cleaning up the dead body of his clerk buddy who he presumably had to kill in order to keep all of this a secret. In some twisted way, Eli and Quinn continue to bond at the episode end.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • You're singing off-keyHuck
  • I'm not going to call my child a bitchEli

Overall: Sorry, I didn't like this episode at all. We knew Quinn was alive because the writers and crew didn't even try to make it seem like she was really dead. Although it was shot from a different character's perspective, there were too many repeat scenes for my taste. I rather they would have just shown Charlie find Quinn and move on from there. But good for Quinn and her baby!

We have a scene where we find Jake has a camera in one of Eli's dinosaur figurines. Has he known Quinn was alive this whole time???

Prediction(s): Since Olivia's ego is so big and she has become reckless, I can't wait to see if her "family" (and family, I guess) come together to take her down. Quinn now knows Olivia "risked her life."

Thoughts on this episode? How does Quinn move forward from here? What will Charlie's thoughts be? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

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