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HTGAWM: S4 E10 Everything We Did Was For Nothing

HTGAWM: S4 E10 Everything We Did Was For Nothing

Not many answers resolved just yet. This episode helps to build the tension and discover alliances. Let's jump into it!

Annalise: Annalise is busy trying to get Laurel released and regain custody of Laurel's child. However, it appears Annalise is purposefully keeping Laurel in the hospital so she isn't released to go off and act recklessly. Frank's phone (i.e., Dominic's phone) keeps ringing throughout the episode, much to Annalise's chagrin. He doesn't listen per usual, but does rid of Dominic's car and body at a junk yard. Meanwhile, Annalise visits Nate to ask for the hard drive, but he denies having it or knowing the whereabouts. She also wants that name for the class action, but he doesn't appear to give it to her yet. 

Laurel encourages Annalise to file a petition that was helpful for her mother in the past to get her released. However, Michaela calls her out on her lie in the hallway. Annalise IS suspicious of Laurel's potential reckless behavior; her being in possession of a gun was an example of her rationale. Michaela eventually finds out Laurel went into early labor because of the accident with Frank, and Laurel swears her to secrecy.

Dominic's phone rings again, but Frank has installed a track. Now it's DA Denver calling Dominic's phone! They need Bonnie's help, so Annalise goes to her place to have their big talk. Annalise apologizes for firing her and leaving her lonely, and Bonnie revisits her comment about her love for Annalise. They each exchange their regrets and the negative effects of their relationship before making amends. I'm glad these two repaired their relationship because they're stronger together.

Michaela tells Annalise and Frank the Keating Kids are plotting to file their own petition for Laurel's release. She accidentally blurts that Frank was responsible for Laurel's early labor!!! Really, Michaela?!?! Annalise runs to Dr. Roja's place and he goes off on her, but she still manipulates him to get him to help Laurel. Dr. Roja evaluates Laurel and eventually gets Laurel released from the hospital.

Annalise and Frank take Laurel back home to get her settled. Dominic's freaking phone rings again!!! After Laurel asks why Frank has the phone, and they allow Laurel to hear Wes' voicemail. It rings again. This time it's a different number. Laurel grabs it and answers...It's her mother!

Keating Kids: Everyone wakes up to the news of Antaris going publicresulting in Oliver stating they did all their plotting for nothing. However, Connor, Oliver, and Asher are busy preparing for the class action lawsuit; trying to find the poster child for the lawsuit. 

Oliver is a nuisance this whole episode, as the guilt about Simon's accident is eating at him. He hacks into Simon's medical charts to check his vitals and eventually he sneaks off to the hospital to sit with Simon. DUDE!!! Don't you know eyes are watching everyone?!?!

Michaela texted Tegan a congratulations for the Antaris IPO, but Tegan isn't responding nor did she show up to the press conference. Michaela eventually hunted her down and Tegan rips into her about making contact with her while they're liking being watched by Mr. Castillo's people. "You have no idea how scared you should be," she says and tells her not to contact her ever again.

The team finally finds their poster child for the class action: Nate Lahey. WHAT?!?! Is it Nate's father?!?!

Bonnie: Denver doesn't like that she's working with the Keating kids. She told him she's protecting him by hiding evidence that linked him to Antaris. Bonnie goes to ask Nate about Asher's standing with potential charges. Nate continues to tell her she's on that crack, and he's working on keeping Asher safe. Frank and Bonnie have a show down and Frank begs her to return, so they could be family. But Bonnie is stone cold, even stating she wishes Frank had killed himself when Annalise begged him to!!! Ouch!!

DA Denver meets with Mr. Castillo and says Bonnie is a problem.... Uh oh!

Who has the hard drive: Sticking with Nate for now.

Burning Questions: Is there a Nate Lahey Sr.?

Overall: Slower episode, but it is needed in order to set up the plot for the back half. I do not care about Laurel's mother and do not want her to be involved in this story arc. While I like the actress, I don't like how the show has turned into the Laurel Castillo show. We had some interesting Wes flashbacks and I'm still curious about the events surrounding is death, even if it involves Laurel's family (or not, which has been one of my guesses).

Quote(s) of the week:

  • This is when I miss vodkaAnnalise
  • I need not to feel so empty sometimesAnnalise
  • It's remarkable how important you think you areTegan

Do you care about Laurel's mom? What are we going to do about Oliver? Is Michaela royally messing up? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments!

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