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This is Us: S2 E13 That'll Be The Day

This is Us: S2 E13 That'll Be The Day


Present Day

Randall & Kevin: Kevin begins texting Randall repeatedly in order to meet-up. However, Randall is focused on renovating his and Beth's newly bought apartment building. Randall and Beth meet with their new tenants and introduce them to R&B properties (SO CUTE!) and the tenants have a lot of demands and immediately needs beyond the safety violations they had planned on addressing first. Kevin shows up to the end of the meeting hoping to lend a hand and he immediately begins fixing doors and knocking down walls in apartments (while women drool at his physique!!). Just as Randall and Kevin are working hard on repairs, one of the tenants finds roaches! Therefore, the tenants have to go to a hotel until the building is properly exterminated.

Kevin reveals to Randall he is in the process of making amends and they re-live the process of Jack making amends to them as children. Randall is struggling with approaching 40 years old and changing careers, while recollecting Jack passed before he could accomplish his goals.

Kevin shows up to Sophie's house (!) to apologize, but before he can Sophie already knows he's there to make his amends. She revealed he's the only man she's truly loved and she wants to be left in the past as his amends to herleaving her with their childhood memories instead. "You weren't just a name on my list, you were THE name." Agh! This show is too much. When Jack arrives home, there's a package at the door It's Jack's necklace!!! It was sent back to him by Charlotte with a note stating she's glad he's sober. Therefore, the last person on his list of amends to address is...his father.

Kate: In a really funny scene, Kate accuses Toby of watching porn because he's hiding his computer. But he's not watching porn, he's looking for a dog. He knows Kate is not fond of having a dog, so that's why he's been hiding his searches. Kate heads to an animal shelter to look at dogs with Lena Waithe working there!! when she finds a cute dog named Audio. All is going well when Kate gets cold feet while she's finishing the final adoption application, and promptly leaves. BUT at the end of the episode, she surprises Toby with Audio!


The episode opens with a couple we've never seen before sorting through a bunch of material in their garage. We learn they're trying to sell their house and the wife is trying to get her husband to rid of all the "junk" in their garage. He's sings the title of the episode and that is it, for now...

Rebecca greets Jack for their Super Bowl watching tradition (the last one before the kids head to college) with shots of orange juice instead of whisky. Cute! However, Jack is busy looking through the newspaper for real estate properties.

Teen Kevin still has a stank attitude as his father is trying to get his assistance in building a TV hutch in time for the Super Bowl. We learn that Sophie is applying to NYU for college while Kevin will have to attend community college for a while. Meanwhile, Kate is in the final rounds of auditions for getting accepted into her music school She just has to submit a new audition tape, where she only wants to submit audio, not video. But one caring Jack creeps up on her while she's singing and video records her singing, and of course she's mad at him.

Jack is trying to round up the kiddos for their tradition of watching the Super Bowl, but everyone is bailing. Randall wants to go on his first real date with Allison to see the Titanic for her 7th time. Kate is mad at her father and says she's sick of him seeing the beauty in her that no one else sees (Aww!). Lastly, Kevin learns that Sophie was accepted into NYU. He gets snippy with his parents about it and leaves to Sophie's house.

As the big game is about to start, Kate apologizes to her father after watching the tape and asks that he never stops trying to make her see herself the way he does (*tear*). Although, she still heads out to a party at a friend's house. So, Jack and Rebecca sit down to have chili and watch the Super Bowl alone when Rebecca offers Jack a "corn muffin." In the basket is a listing for a home she thought they could purchase! Jack asks her to be his business partner and she agrees!

Kevin calls Rebecca to apologize, but didn't get a chance to speak to his dad. At least he has a small soul. Later, Randall arrives home and Jack is woken up by him entering. Randall tells his father he had his first kiss! Jack goes to clean up all the post-Super Bowl leftovers. He writes a quick letter to Kevin telling him he loves him and he needs to apologize. We see Jack turn off a Crockpot during other chores. We learn that the Crockpot was given to them by the couple at the beginning of the episode back when Rebecca was pregnant. The Crockpot begins to malfunction! During the malfunction are flashbacks to Rebecca, Jack, and the Big 3's history in the home. The pot begins to catch fire and spread throughout the house...

Overall: What a beautiful episode all around. Beth and Randall's dialogue about knowing what each other is thinking was super cute. Kevin's amends were heartbreaking. Lastly, seeing the moments before Jack's impending death were especially difficult. I

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • Randall looks the same every day. He's like a cartoon character Kate
  • I've been watching too much Property Brothers. I need to slow my roll Randall
  • I'm 60 pounds over weight and Irish. That's my color Toby
  • Was that a real good luck or a snarky good luck? Randall (to Beth)
  • It's gotta be Smooth R&B [properties] Randall

Predictions: The post-Super Bowl episode will completely break our hearts. I am not ready for Kevin's amends to Jack.

A fire?!?! How do you feel about Kevin's amends? Do you think R&B properties will be successful? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

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