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Scandal: S7 E8 Robin

Scandal: S7 E8 Robin


Wow, oh, wow!!! This episode is beyond words, but I'll do my best recap.

Olivia & QPA: The episode opens with Rowan torching a car and calling the emblazoned car into the police. David meets with everyone at QPA and verifies the remains are Quinn's. Charlie reveals he and Quinn were going to name the baby Robin. Ugh!!! Tug at our heartstrings. President Mellie arrives to offer condolences, even stating that Quinn's death is the work of a monster. Yeah, Olivia...you better deflect those eyes.

They are at the funeral home trying to pick out caskets when Charlie suggests having Quinn's ashes loaded into ammunition, based on a story Charlie told her that she loved. The team agrees to it and Charlie asks Olivia to write a eulogy. Ugh!! Huck is busy going through the autopsy report and finds information about a hair pin being on her. Olivia denies knowing anything about the hair pin (agh!), but Huck is confused as to why she never mentioned this detail about her wedding attire.

Olivia is mourning at home when Fitz arrives at her doorstep. She has an attitude with him and is partially blaming him for Quinn's death. She doesn't want him as a friend and slams the door in his face...but not before grabbing the wine bottle from his hand! Haha!

Meanwhile, Huck pops up at Abby's house and gives her evidence showing Olivia had some interaction with Quinn the day before she went missing. Huck put all the pieces together about Olivia being involved in Rashad's murder and Quinn knowing. However, Abby calls him ridiculous and believes he just looking for answers through his grief. But Huck isn't giving up! He meets with Fitz to discuss how Olivia has lost it, and Fitz agrees. Next, we have two parallel scenes--One of Huck at an AA meeting while Olivia is at home downing glasses of whisky. What is Huck going to do??

Abby is grieving over Quinn's ashes and calls David to come drive her to the ceremony. She also discusses her own wishes for her burial and David shares his own. I hope these two end up together at the end of the series!

Huck goes to QPA when he hears some noise coming from Quinn's office. He find Olivia IN THE WHITE HAT cleaning up glass WASTED. She rambles about how she was supposed to protect Quinn and how they were all supposed to be Gladiators. Huck just stares at her the entire time, knowing what Olivia has done.

Next, we hearing Stevie Wonder's Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer as the team is prepping the bullets and getting ready for Quinn's farewell. They arrive to a forest and Olivia gives her (extremely weak) eulogy. Before everyone fires the gun, we get flashback scenes of each of them and Quinn from previous seasons. Scandal nostalgia! The team (sans Olivia) go back to the office and begin drinking and exchanging stories about Quinn.

Huck becomes suspicious of Olivia's whereabouts when Abby states she invited Olivia. However, Olivia is safe...at Fitz's place to hook up. Blah!!!

Charlie is understandably struggling and doesn't want to go home because there are reminders of Quinn and the baby there. David and Abby go to his place to take down the nursery when they find a flash drive...

But Charlie shows up to Rowan's house!!! He wants to return to work with the former Command! Rowan tells him to go home and take time to think about this decision. Just before Charlie could leave, he hears a baby crying!!! He rushes into the house, runs upstairs, and finds a baby in a crib!!! WTF?!?!?!

Rowan: Jake meets with Rowan to give him his bones back AND confront him about Quinn's death (in front of people?!?! That's one awkward detail). He remarks he has also lost his child. Later, we see Rowan re-constructing his dinosaur and also appearing to grieve.

Cyrus: Cyrus is anxiously awaiting Fenton's return from his trip. Arranging a fancy dinner and all. However, when Fenton arrives, he immediately dumps Cyrus. He says he investigated Cyrus' connections and knows he was affiliated with Charlie whom assaulted him. Poor Cyrus... Cyrus confronts Jake, believing he had something to do with Fenton breaking up with him. I don't think so buddy.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • They charge a $1.29 for extra sauce.--Huck

Overall: Great, great, great episode. Loved the constant tension throughout. Loved the Shonda trope of incorporating Stevie Wonder songs during intense episodes. Olivia's castle is crumbling and I can't even guess where the final season is headed. I hope Abby and David find evidence implicating Liv on that flash drive. Then it's on!

Prediction(s): I still don't believe Quinn is dead. We need Olivia to believe she would stoop, so low to have her friend killed.

Is that Quinn's baby? Will Huck confront Olivia with his suspicions? What should Huck do?!?! Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

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