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HTGAWM: S4 E9 He's Dead

HTGAWM: S4 E9 He's Dead

Back from the long winter finale with a ton of questions! Will each be answered? Let's see...

Annalise: The police are busy calling police to Annalise's apartment because bodies are always dropping around her. We see the drive the kiddos stole is still in the elevator. However, Annalise is busy getting Laurel medical attention. Frank comes rushing into the hospital panicking about his woman's well-being. Frank convinces the hospital to let him (and Annalise) see the baby by stating he's the baby's father. As they're gushing over the baby, the Department of Human Services wants to question them and ask if Laurel had displayed any erratic behavior or engaged in drug use. WTH??? Welp...Laurel's dad comes waltzing in and he's granted emergency custody of the child!!! Frank again tries to claim fatherhood, but the DHS worker whips out the paternity test stating he's NOT the father (#maury). Annalise pulls rank as Laurel's attorney and Frank is permitted to see Laurel while he's in the psychiatric ward!!! What is going on??? The DHS worker presents documents which state Laurel had been using cocaine, has a lengthy psychiatric history, and went off her anti-depressant medication (which we know was under doctor's orders from a previous episode), which makes her currently unfit.

Connor arrives at the hospital and Annalise is accusing them of using cocaine. Annalise called Dr. Roja to come and evaluate Laurel's mental state, but he doesn't have credentials at the hospital and refuses. As Annalise always does, she threatens to report him to the medical board. Damn! He wants to parts of any of this mess. Laurel wakes up moments later and we get the scene of her asking for her baby that's we've been seeing all season. Annalise is speaking to the DHS worker again and discovers Laurel's dad is having the baby transferred to a neonatal unit at another facility. Annalise confronts Laurel's father, and he simply says she doesn't know his daughter.

From there, everything is just a mess. Laurel is in distressed and has to be medically subdued. We finally get the scene of Dr. Roja and Michaela's encounter, and becomes suspicious of his motives. Annalise comes and reassures Laurel they'll get her baby back. Laurel says Dominic called her before their plot, warning Laurel and friends not to go through with their plan. AND her father knew she was pregnant.

Annalise bring Laurel a picture of her baby. Probably the nicest thing she's done all episode. Laurel has a plan to get her child backContact Dominic for help. Only we have a tiny problem...Frank killed Dominic over a fit of rage. Come on, Frank!!

In the last moments, Frank has another reveal for Annalise. He has Dominic's phone and there's a voicemail...from WES!!!!

Keating Kids: Connor has a stank attitude when interacting with Michaela, as Dominic is listening to the conversation from the stairwell. Annalise interrupts the call and he realizes Annalise has no clue what went down at Caplan & Gold. He then rushes to Nate's house to get his help in getting Asher out of jail. Nate arrives to help Asher, but Asher had already confessed to parts of the incident. Meanwhile, Michaela and Simon are being interrogated and offer the investigators much of the story (of course, not all). Everyone told the investigators Asher picked up the gun because he was in a state of shock, which is actually true. Tegan confronts Michaela and wants to know the truth about how Simon got her key card.

Bonnie meets with Oliver and asks about the hard drive, and he says Laurel has it. Gulp! Bonnie unfortunately has to break the news about Laurel's well-being. Bonnie helps Oliver get released. However, we see Dominic meet with Tegan and pressure her to get the name of their IT guy so he can find out more information about the security breech.

All the kids show up to the hospital and no one knows where the hard drive is located. Bonnie even returns the bag to Laurel at the hospital, but the hard drive isn't in the bag. Annalise accuses Bonnie of taking the drive, and they all get into a mini-argument. Just you want, Annalise isn't done pushing people away yet...she goes off on Dr. Roja calling him a terrible doctor and bringing up his daughter's death by suicide. You're horrible, Annalise. Low blow.

At the DA's office, they discover they have all the evidence pointing to Simon wanting to hurt himself. But it's all too perfect, so they're skeptical. Asher arrives at the hospital!!! He has been released and he has not been charged with murder yet because...Simon is still alive! Nooooooo, says everyone, but Oliver who thinks they're all sick for wishing for his death.

What happened to Laurel’s baby: We now know the baby is "okay." At least he's alive.

Who has the hard drive: This is our new big question. My initial guess is Nate.

Burning Questions: There are still some additional lingering questions. What is the baby's name? How are Wes and Dominic connected?!?!

Overall: This was a fast-paced and exciting episode where all the links began to come together from the beginning of the season In sum, Laurel WAS completely reckless. She knew her father was onto her and still allowed her friends to go through with her stupid plan. Now, she and her friends are paying dearly for it.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • You're not a good a liar as you thinkTegan (to Michaela)
  • You just...never learnAnnalise

Wes and Dominic?!?!?! How do you think they'll get the baby back? Is Tegan a new enemy? How do you feel about Frank's actions? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments!

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