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This is Us: S2 E12 Clooney

This is Us: S2 E12 Clooney

We open the episode with Clooney, William's cat, roaming the streets. It's going to be a rough one (just like Clooney's looks).

Randall: Beth is bummed about a real estate deal while also being worried about Randall's upcoming job interview. He's not that excited about the interview because the job does not seem like it would stimulate him. Randall is headed to William's old crib because the landlord called about a package they found. He meets up with the neighbor who gives Randall the box and also informs him that Clooney ran away a few weeks ago. In the box, Randall finds more of William's writings. There is a beautiful poem entitled Lady. Randall now goes on a wild search for the woman William may have been writing about.

Randall stops by Beth's job prior to his interview and he's just glowing about finding William's poem. She's not here for it. Although she is supportive, she needs her man to do something with his time...but Randall's not here for it. Randall goes to his interview and during the interview, he receives a call (and answers it!) from William's landlord with a tip about a potential love interest of William. Randall follows the lead and the woman did not have a fling with William, but she encourages him to look through William's apartment. Outside of William's window is a mural of Lady Day...aka Billie Holiday...one of his favorite singers.

Randall takes Beth to William's old building and tells her about his journey. He tells Beth he wants to buy the building with her and revitalize it. We see Clooney finally return home to the building.

Kate: Kate discloses her recent struggles to her eating group and tells them she's planning for her wedding. Madison wants to take Kate wedding dress shopping. WTH?!?! Kate goes, under the condition of not trying on dresses, and Madison takes her to a fancy boutique. However, it appears Madison is having more trouble during the shopping trip...Kate believes Madison purged some macaroons she ate at the boutique, and Madison becomes upset and storms off. Kate receives a late night call and rushes to Madison's house to find her injured in her bathroom, presumably from fainting...again, she says. We find out Madison used to binge and purge in the past, and recently relapsed. Kate discloses that she lost weight after her father died and she didn't feel better about herself. She discussed liking being mad at herself.

Kevin: Barbara is concerned about Kevin returning to Hollywood, citing he needs structure and routine. Therefore, he decides to stay with Rebecca and Miguel. He's getting settled in and Rebecca bought him a ton of healthy foods, but Kevin says he no longer eats that type of food. So, the group heads to the grocery store. Kevin does tell Rebecca he lost his necklace, but she's not too concerned given his recent struggles. In the store, Kevin and Miguel have a run-in, and Kevin asks Miguel why he came. Miguel was worried about Rebecca after the therapy and says he wants to protect Rebecca as her husband. Kevin retorts with "my father was her husband." OUCH!!!!

Later at home, Kevin asks if Miguel was in love with Rebecca when Jack was alive. Miguel says NO! He explains that Jack and Rebecca were always a team, a pair. Miguel tells Kevin that he loves Rebecca now and ain't going no where! Dang! He loves that woman! Kevin speaks to Rebecca about Miguel and she expresses her love and happiness with Miguel.

Flashback: Jack is building an entertainment center for Rebecca's records when Kate interrupts to ask her mother to take her shopping for a dress for the winter formal. Kevin is sulking around the house after this leg injury, so Jack encourages him to join the trip to the mall (and Randall jumps in on the trip too).

At the mall, Kate is dress shopping, Kevin and Jack run into Miguel in another location of the mall. However, Miguel is struggling because his ex-wife got engaged, and Jack expresses his condolences. Kevin (being critical as always) tells Jack that he's always trying to make people feeling better instead of letting them feel. It's called being supportive, Kevin! Anywho, while eating at the food court, Jack tells Kevin he has to find his "new football," meaning his new passion. Kevin has an attitude, explaining that his father wouldn't understand, but Miguel jumps in and tells them about the construction company Jack wanted to start, but didn't in order to help support his family.

Later, Rebecca asks Kate about the dress she tried on early and Kate angrily tells her the dress didn't fit. During present day timeline, we find out the dress DID fit, but she was unsatisfied because she couldn't fit a smaller dress. Poor Kate.

In a random plot, we see Randall asking a girl at the mall to the winter formal. He had been anxiously preparing to do it all episode, even rigging a magic 8-ball to help her with her answer. Also, Jack helps Kevin find a suit for the formal, which was a really sweet and tender moment.

Finally, Jack tells Rebecca he wants to quit his job and finally start that construction business. We see the camera flash to the smoke detector...they forgot to get a new battery. Oh dear!!!!

Overall: This was a so-so episode for me. Usually I love any episode where we have narration from William. However, after last week, I think the audience needed something less intense and for the Big 3 to find their way again.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • Madison, why don't you say something that makes us roll our eyes.--Kate
  • I can't believe I used to date Jessica Biel.--Kevin (*What?!?! Can we have this flashback??)
  • Wasn't he a fancy man?!--Random neighbor lady

Predictions: I worry about the state of Randall and Beth's relationship this season.

Thoughts on Clooney? Are you feeling sorry for Miguel yet? How do you feel about the direction of Kate's story? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

Roll On: January 19, 2018

Roll On: January 19, 2018

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