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Roll On: September 8, 2017

Roll On: September 8, 2017

The pic above is an example of why Ms. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is one of my biggest role models! She GETS IT!!! Check out the other photos and all that Beyonce has been doing for Houston this week!

Ya'll know we love Insecure and can't wait until Sunday's big finale! The show's big Twitter presence (which we're apart of!) has a huge Twitter following and finally receiving the much-needed recognition.

Kanye vs. Shakespeare. Alright.

Speaking of Insecure, Issa's hair has been amazing both on and off the show. Check out an article on her stylist and the versatility of natural hair!

Who wants to do the 30-day plank challenge with me?!?!

Love Jidenna's Tiny Desk Concert!

Vulture ranked 274 Jay-Z songs. I would love to do something similar someday and see how it matches.

Off the success of my favorite movie of 2017, Get Out, Jordan Peele is teaming up with Spike Lee for Black Klansman. Can't wait!

If you're at or near UCLA, take a course based on Get Out!

In more Get Out news, check out this interview with LaKeith Stanfield. He's going to be a superstar very shortly.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna dropped today! 40 foundation colors!!! Reaching deep and deep dark tones, too! A celeb got a palette right! Can't wait to stop in Sephora and play in the colors, especially the highlighters.

Have a great weekend! See all the action from New Orleans on our IG page!

Roll On: September 15, 2017

Roll On: September 15, 2017

Fly Away: Washington, D.C.

Fly Away: Washington, D.C.