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Out on The Town: Ultimate Willy Wonka Party

Out on The Town: Ultimate Willy Wonka Party

Willy Wonka is one of my favorite movies from childhood. The millisecond I saw the advertisement for the Ultimate Willy Wonka Party at the Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton, all my childhood fantasies came flooding back. I immediately grabbed my "golden ticket" to the event!

There were a ton of people there as I arrived! Decked out in their Willy Wonka t-shirts, showing off their related tattoos--This was the place to be! As we walked into the theater, we were presented with a bar filled with candy! Chewing gum, gobstoppers, chocolate bars and more. Also, there were bubbles and party poppers! What is is about to happen?

One of my favorite parts about watching movies at the Alamo Drafthouse are the non-traditional previews. We watched this great stop-motion video with a modern version of Pure Imagination. See the incredible video here!

Next "Willy Wonka" came out to introduce us to the party! But first, there was a milkshake chugging competition (my lactose intolerant self could not participate). The winner won a giant gummy bear. How cute! It was then explained that each piece of candy was to be consumed during different parts of the movie. And the bubbles were for the fizzy lifting drink scene and the party poppers for the final scene of the film. LOVE IT!!! 

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Obviously, next we watched the film which was digitally remastered and shown in 4K! This made the film even more amazing with the enhanced colors and sounds. The whole audience would sing along to the songs in the film. It was such a fun, nostalgic time. 

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After the movie, there was a Q&A with the original actors! We had Violet (Denise Nickerson), Mike (Paris Themmen), and (of course) Veruca Salt (Julie Dawn Cole). All of them were super friendly and lovely and took the time to answer all the questions audience members had. We heard stories about their favorite scenes (they were ages 11 and 13 at the time!), the horrors of being turned into a blueberry, tales of Gene Wilder, and their childhood on-set crushes. It was a fantastic experience, especially to see them all doing so well. 

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2017-09-18 20.59.30.jpg

Overall, it was such a truly magical time, especially being able to re-watch the film as an adult. The film truly holds up over time. Also, the Alamo Drafthouse frequently holds these "parties" for different films. I will definitely be checking some out in the future!

Do you love Willa Wonka? What is your favorite part? Do you still have fears of turning into a blueberry? Let us know in the comments below! 

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