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Fly Away: National Museum of African American History

Fly Away: National Museum of African American History

Both me and Chantee spent some time vacationing in D.C. over the summer (more posts to come!). During one of my down days, I was determined to see the new National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC)! If you don't have tickets, you have to be on the website promptly at 6:30am to try to obtain the limited amount left. I set my clock for 6:25 and prepared my devices! A couple minutes later, and BAM! I scored a 2pm ticket!

The museum was less than a mile from the hotel I was residing. The moment you approach it, you are in awe of its grandness. It is a marvel and stunning to see in person. After a few pictures, I had my ticket scanned and I was in! 


The museum is greatly overwhelming since it so huge. With multiple floors to navigate, it was hard to determine where to start first. Well, not that hard--I was hungry! I zipped downstairs to the long line for the Sweet Home Cafe. While in line, I was able to see the vast array of menu options based on locale.  

2017-08-05 13.50.00.jpg
2017-08-05 13.47.44.jpg

After much deliberation, I decided to order the fried catfish. I love some fried fish, and it's hard to obtain in Denver; therefore, it was an excellent choice. The fish was perfectly fried, just like I had when I lived in the South. 

2017-08-05 14.23.32.jpg

Outside the Cafe, you take the elevator down to the bottom floor of the museum. On the elevator, you see numerals listed--noting that you are going back into time. Such a cool minor detail. The museum is organized in chronological order. You start during the time of the Transatlantic slave trade and end the museum with President Barack Obama. I don't have a lot of pictures of the museum (because I was busy reading so much), but all the exhibits are very well done.

The most moving part of the museum is Emmett Till's memorial. There is a separate line to go in, but it is worth the wait to pay respects for this young boy's murder. It was breathtaking and emotional, and it was difficult for me to continue through the rest of the museum. Thus, I need to return to go through the artifacts after his memorial. 

You end the journey at the Contemplative Court, a quiet area for reflection. After seeing Emmett Till's memorial, I needed the space to reflect on his murder, as well as the murders of young Black men in America.


The museum is just perfect. Beautifully constructed and orchestrated and filled with so many rare historical artifacts. If you are visiting, just know that you will have to make a few trips if you are interested in reviewing everything--It's just not possible to do in one day. I look forward to returning and learning more! 

Have you been to the NMAAHC? What were your favorite parts? What is something new you learned? Leave it in the comments below!

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