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Foodie Files: Village Whiskey

Foodie Files: Village Whiskey

I love this restaurant because I love nice things. Also, Iron Chef Jose Garces is a damn genius.

I had heard of Village Whiskey years ago on the Food Network on the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate. I forget the chef that mentioned it but I distinctly remember wanting to absolutely go to this restaurant if I was in the Philadelphia area. Fast forward a few years and I live in Philadelphia and have been working in the city for about six years. I got off work early one day and told my boyfriend meet me at the corner of 20th and Samson. He thought we were going to a very popular hamburger shack but also does shakes (wink, wink). I said not today. Once we crossed the street, he knew what joys lay ahead.  Inside is the cutest little restaurant and super quaint with the seating area that was just big enough for 50 to 60 people max.

They happen to sit us right next to the door which allowed us to sit against the extremely comfortable couch that formed an L around the exterior of the restaurant near the windows. I could literally sit here all day. We got in just in time before it starts to get crowded because this place fills up really quick!

It also allows me to take this dope pic! 

File Jun 21, 5 46 13 PM.jpeg

Our fantastic waiter came over and we knew immediately what we were going to drink. Zero fuck-around time. First thing we ordered was the Pimm's Cup. Ever since I went to new Orleans for Mardi Gras this has been my favorite cocktail. Any time I see it  on the menu I have to order it.  If you've never had one I'm sorry for your loss. GET ON IT!

Now Village Whiskey is not the kind of place that you just come order an entree and leave. It's meant for you to share different appetizers and try their famous pickled menu that changes seasonally. Of course, we are addicted to the deviled eggs and pickled tomatoes. I'm not exactly sure what the pickling liquid is but they should just bottle that and sell it because it's delicious. It's accompanied with an olive tapenade, whipped ricotta cheese and warm toasty bread that makes you happy you walked in the door. 

The thing that I feel like put Village Whiskey on the map is their duck fat fries. Yes. You read right. Duck. Fat. Fries. They are so crispy and delicious and if you're feeling extra fancy you can get it with the Sly Fox Cheddar Sauce that is the icing to this carbohydrate-loaded cake. The fries are super rich and you could have your own order them but we decided to share since we knew we were going to get an entrée.

Speaking of entrée… BBQ pork Sammy! Now, I know what you're thinking: Why didn't you get the best damn burger around? He wasn't that I didn't want to burger. I was just craving barbecue. Now I've gotten the Whiskey King before and it is absolutely worth every single bit of its $26 price tag. I literally just wanted something different. Don't judge me! 

OK, back to the barbecue sandwich. My favorite part about this is he with barbecue sauce. It's just so deliciously messy and unabashedly inappropriate in public. But I absolutely don't care and got my whole entire life.

Another great thing about the restaurant is that the bar is constantly crowded. See below the amount of people that are trying to crowd around this smallish bar.

Come into this place. The atmosphere is quintessential Philadelphia but it absolutely makes you want to just veg out in a really delicious comfort food. 

Love this restaurant? Have any recommendations for other Philly favorites? Let us know!!

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