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Prison Break: S5 E9 Behind the Eyes

Prison Break: S5 E9 Behind the Eyes

Finale time!

We rewind six minutes and see lady boss in her Sarah wig. We also hear dialogue between Sarah and Jacob where she calls him a psychopath for his treasonous work. We find that Jacob sent Michael to Yemen in order for him to die, so he can have a life with Sarah. He offers Sarah a few “I love you’s” but she’s not having it. Sarah starts spilling all the beans in front of Jacob’s employee and Jacob punches her! Now you gotta go down Jacob! Luckily for Sarah, Jacob’s male assassin is skeptical after hearing Sarah’s rant. He intervenes before the female assassin shoots the gun and tells her that Michael is not the person they want to go after. She’s not buying the story, doesn’t want to disobey Poseidon, and shoots the male assassin! That was the blood splatter!

Michael and Little Michael make some quick moves and Sarah knocks lady assassin over the head. Little Michael heads down the driveway to Lincoln, but Jacob snatches him! Where is Lincoln?!?! Oh yeah, his car was shot up last episode…and he was hit! Michael and Sarah get Lincoln to the hospital and quickly head out once they discover Lincoln is stable.

Next, we have a father-son road trip between T-Bag and Whip. They are both supposed to deliver blood to Michael. We have a sweet discussion about progeny, and then meet with Michael and Sarah. T-Bag realizes that the only way they all can have a “normal” life is to kill Jacob/Poseidon.

Jacob’s computer guru is still busy trying to decode Michael’s tattoos. He knows there’s a code in the eyes, but can’t figure it out. Evil Jacob re-enters the home and tells Little Michael that his mother is dead (that poor child actor had no reaction). Evil! Jacob takes him to his secret, ocular-encrypted office. He tells Little Michael he works in the government and told him that Michael lied about being his father, and that his real father died 7 years ago. Double evil! Michael calls Jacob, and Jacob puts him on speakerphone. Little Michael tells him to stay away from his dad, Jacob. Triple evil! T-Bag even says he needs to die. Whip is worried about them all returning to prison, but (as always) Michael has a plan.

Michael returns to the zoo and Jacob is tracking him. What’s with Michael and the zoo??? We watch a ton of flashbacks of Michael and Jacob. Meanwhile, the computer guy has decoded a message—a quote about enemies making mistakes. We see Michael walk up to the secret lair, held up his hands—with Jacob’s face tattooed on them!!—and enters. How cool was this?!?!

Lincoln leaves the hospital with a ton of blood loss and hunts down Abruzzi’s son. He roughs him up a little bit and called the feds on him. He’s finally off the hook.

Since Sarah can’t find her brother in the hospital, she eavesdropped on a conversation to find out that Jacob’s male assassin was in the hospital. She asks him for help to find Little Michael, but he writes, “Let me die.” She asks him again and he gives her the intel she needs.

Finally, we have a showdown between Michael and Jacob. Michael threatens to release the servers and then pulls a gun on Jacob. Lady Assassin appears with a gun. Then Whip shows up with a gun. Whip is shot by the assassin and T-Bag runs out. Then the FBI is approaching! Jacob told them that Kaniel Outis would be at the warehouse. Whip is spouting off at the mouth, tries to grab Lady Assassin’s gun and is shot!!! Fatally.

Jacob is still asking for the hard drives and Michael begins to lead him to the drives. The FBI begins heading into the warehouse and T-Bag charges at the assassin and snaps her neck. As his son takes his final breathes, he’s arrested. This was incredibly sad.

Meanwhile, Sarah is going after Little Michael. Computer guy pulls a gun on her, but Lincoln knocks him out and she gets Little Michael. All is well here.

Sarah calls Michael to tell him she got their son. The feds are beginning to head after them as they run. Michael throws on a suit jacket (?), runs into a room, and Jacob shoots him in the back. The room is an exact replica of the cabin where the CIA lead was shot. Michael recreated the whole scene so he can doctor, the doctored video. Brilliant!!! I loved this part.

Jacob calls his bluff, saying the feds would see it and figure it out. Luckily, the replica room was on a truck bed; thus, the FBI would never find it as it drove away. Jacob is pissed. They have an intense tussle, and the FBI heads in.

Michael is placed in the back of a police car while Jacob is thanking the agents for saving him. Hold up, bruh! More agents arrive and tell him he’s under arrest. They found the CIA lead’s blood in his office. Yes, Michael!!! Get him!!!

Michael is being interrogated. The CIA is suspicious about all this convenient evidence. The discuss digging a bit deeper into the evidence. However, we find out that Jacob’s computer guy told them everything and Michael is free to go. Completely free. Free to the point where the CIA asked to hire him.

The final scene is a reunion in a park between Lincoln, Michael, Sarah, Little Michael, and…Sheba. Happy ending, right?

We see Jacob check into his cell at Fox River. His cellmate…T-Bag!!! We hear some nasty sounds and…that’s all folks!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this was a Prison Break: Resurrection was a good revival. I loved getting all the fun characters back together again. The actors seem to have a genuinely good time in their roles together. The script was good and did an excellent job in figuring out a way to bring Michael Scofield back from the dead. My only sad point was that we had T-Bag and Whip together for one episode only to kill Whip off. Not cool.

At present, both Prison Break and 24 Legacy are on hold for next season. One fan remarked that the two should crossover—hmm…With good writing, this could work. Lord knows we can’t have them escape out of ANOTHER prison.

What did you think of Prison Break’s revival? Were you satisfied with the ending? What should come next? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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