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Prison Break: S5 E8 Progeny

Prison Break: S5 E8 Progeny

Back again! Let’s see how many times little Michael is forgotten by his parents again.

Back in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the boys flag down a boater. Michael begins having flashbacks to when he first met Poseidon (aka Jacob). Jacob shows him his private, ocular-encrypted lair as they begin plans. Jacob tells Michael not to pull any funny business because he’s steps ahead of Michael (whatever). “It’s what’s behind the eyes that counts, Professor,” Michael says to him. Once the guys land, Michael texts Sarah but he receives a reply about “Michael Jr.” Michael clearly stated he didn’t want that boy to be called a Junior! We see that Jacob has Sarah bound in a closet.

Little Michael is obliviously drawing pictures—in high quality like is dad with secret codes and all. Jacob is quite impressed.

Suddenly, Lincoln wants to share his story with Michael. Lincoln and Sophia opened up a shop that was unsuccessful and they broke up. Lincoln began running the streets again and working for John Abruzzi’s son (another throwback!). They need his son in order to get back to the States via drug plane.

Meanwhile, Jacob’s flunkies are getting suspicious about Jacob’s stories. But Jacob pays them no mind and brings in a computer guy to decode Michael’s tattoos (aka his plans). In some of the code hidden in the tattoos are parts of the video from the CIA lead’s murder (missing the Jacob parts, of course).

Michael is busy sending all his peeps messages and instructions. T-Bag and C-Note receive their notes and Michael sends Whip off to Chicago. The bad guys believe they tracked down Michael, but Michael put his cell phone on a plane with Sucre to misdirect them. Cute move.

Abruzzi’s folks are wanting Lincoln and crew to pony up the money Lincoln promises, but they scare him off with fake DEA agents (C-Note and Sheba). Afterwards, Michael wishes C-Note a goodbye to keep him out of trouble. Moments later, Abruzzi’s son arrives and discovers he’s been duped. He wants Lincoln dead.

Again, Jacob’s posse are lacking trust in him. They are ready to quit their jobs and collect retirement once the mission with Michael is complete.

Sheba drives Lincoln and Michael to Sarah’s home. Michael stops by the mailbox, looks through the sewer grates, and sees all his origami crane notes! Damn Jacob has been tossing them in the sewer for years. They tour around the house and Michael approaches the closet we knew Sarah was in earlier in the episode. He opens the door…and of course, she’s gone. Michael texts “Sarah” to meet up tomorrow at a steakhouse.

Michael, Lincoln, and crew set-up a whole elaborate scheme outside of the steakhouse and mislead Jacob and his posse. They’re able to find Jacob’s neglected car—with blood in the trunk and a picture from little Michael. Michael is so proud of his sons coding skills. As they are preparing to follow the map, Lincoln wishes Sheba farewell with a kiss. Adorbs!

Whip arrives to Chicago and we see T-Bag show up shortly thereafter. T-Bag re-reads his note from Michael about having to take a life, and T-Bag records a heartfelt message explaining his he’s reformed but will do what it takes out of loyalty. Whip and T-Bag finally meet and Whip discovers he is connected to Michael. Lot of small talk, then we find out…Whip is T-Bag’s son?!?!?! Didn’t see that coming. Especially since in the original series, the writers emphasized repeatedly that T-Bag cannot reproduce. The writers were doing SO well with sticking to cannon until now. I digress…It was a lovely meeting between father and son, nonetheless.

Little Michael is bored of drawing all day and Jacob convinces him that his mother is fine, but under-the-weather. We see Sarah—maybe sedated? —in a chair in the bedroom. Jacob heads out of the house for a bit, and Michael is ready to head in.

Lincoln believes that Jacob is returning, but it’s Abruzzi. He rolls up to Lincoln’s car and shoot a few bullets in! Luckily, we see Lincoln duck, so he’s not dead (hopefully).

Michael heads into the home and greets his son. He tells little Michael that he likes his map, but Little Michael says he didn’t draw anything and tells his dad they need to bounce. “Sarah” aka Jacob’s lady boss, hops out of the chair, takes off her Sarah wig and a shot is fired with blood splattered on the front door!

Overall: We’re in for one dozy of a finale. This was one of the strongest episodes thus far. I finally buy Jacob as a villan now, despite my earlier concerns regarding the predictability of his character. A lot of action and intense plot. I can’t believe we’re already at the end!

Where did that T-Bag/Whip twist come from? Do you think Michael and Michael Jr. are okay? How do you think the series will end? Leave your Prison Break comments below!

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