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Turn Up the Music: CTRL

Turn Up the Music: CTRL

If SZA wasn’t on everyone’s radar, she is now after the launch of her latest album and her recent appearance at the BET awards! CTRL serves as the debut studio album for SZA after a slew of EPs. Less familiar with SZA? Not so fast—she wrote ANTI favorite Consideration and co-wrote Bey and Nicki’s Feelin’ Myself. Sometimes thrown in the "alt-R&B" lane, SZA has a sound of her own. Here are some of my favorite songs off the album (and there are many!):

Supermodel: The opener happens to be one of my favorite tracks. That rarely happens! “I could be your supermodel if you see it in me.” The song discusses the insecurities SZA (and some women) may harbor in relationships while also addressing the infidelities of her partner. The melody is mostly acoustic with mesmerizing guitar and drums.

Love Galore: Love Galore serves as the first single on the album. The song discusses the regrets of the relationship ending. Travis Scott serves as the antagonist ex-boyfriend who doesn’t want to be bothered anymore in his verse. The video (here) starts off which extraordinarily beautiful visuals, then takes a weird turn. Has anyone seen Travis Scott since??? You okay, bruh? lol

Doves in the Wind: This is the track receiving a lot of buzz because of its use of the word “pussy.” It’s a smooth track that you can groove to all while hearing her sing about the power of the…pussy. Kendrick gives us a great feature which complements SZA’s verses quite well. 

Drew Barrymore: I believe Drew Barrymore is the second single, as the cute video was recently released. SZA connects with the Drew of many romantic comedies who often goes unnoticed by the leading man. Pay close attention to the video—there is a guest appearance by a famous actress. Wonder who…

The Weekend: Ahh, The Weekend. Probably the album’s most talked about, loved (or hated), and/or controversial track. A man SZA is seeing has a girlfriend AND another woman (in addition to SZA). Woah! SZA discusses having him on Fridays and Saturdays while knowing he’s with the other women during the rest of the week. Such a great track—brutally honest, raw, and vulnerable.

Go Gina: A song influenced Martin’s Gina! Just telling women to let go! Let loose every now and then!

Broken Clocks: I gravitated towards it during my first listen. The production is magnificent! Lyrically, the song is about a time she worked at a strip club and coming away from that lifestyle.

Normal Girl: Wishing she was a normal girl, but knowing some guys don’t like “normal.” What is a woman to do? Another great production on the album.

Excellent album! Authentic, brutally honest, and vulnerable. Speaking her narrative of truth and triumph. Vocally, her sound is unique and she has a nice range. Her voice smoothly flows over each track. You can tell she had a great hand in the production. For those craving R&B music, this one is for you. I predict it will stand as a Top 5 R&B album for the year. 2018 is TDE’s year! Also, she recently announced her nationwide tour! I hope to be able to check her out when she comes to Denver. Given the heavy instrumentals already on the album, the tracks will sound amazing live!

Do you love SZA? What are your thoughts on CTRL? Leave your feelings in the comments below!

Turn Up the Music: 4:44

Turn Up the Music: 4:44

Turn Up the Music: The Chief

Turn Up the Music: The Chief