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Scandal: S6 E13 The Box

Scandal: S6 E13 The Box

Late review since we were away. It looks like we missed a doosy of an episode…

We open with Rowan watching Luna Vargas accept the position as VP. However, the White House has received intel that there are drones over 9 major cities throughout the United States. Peus calls Olivia and tells her that he needs Mellie back. He’s behind the drones and while speaking to Olivia (as she’s sassing him) one of the drones detonates a bomb in Dallas, causing many casualties! “One down, 8 to go,” he says.

Olivia watches the news footage with Rowan, but he wants to have a drink. Seriously, dude! Olivia is trying to motivate him, but Rowan is still plotting his escape plan.

Jake goes to meet with Ruland (or now Samantha?) and she is so smug. He’s trying to get information from her about Peus, but she’s not budging. But she says a little too much. Jake turns her over and cuts out a tracking advice from her neck!!! I flinched! Huck gets to work on finding Peus on the opposite end of the tracker. However, the tracker gets shut down and Peus calls Olivia. He demands his President-Elect back again. He hangs up and…another drone is set off in Philadelphia!

David has people investigating Peus’ home but they aren’t finding anything. Back to Rowan. Olivia and Fitz have another showdown with him to convince him to help…that is, if he isn’t involved in the plot. More screaming at Fitz and Rowan still doesn’t want to be involved. This shtick is getting old…

David discovers that Rowan was receiving packages on a regular basis, but Olivia says she never heard about the packages. Huck and Olivia look through the surveillance footage. Indeed, he received a package every day and was seemingly horrified when opening it. Until they see one drop and notice there was a brick in one of the boxes. Fitz brings Rowan some scotch and asks him about his legacy. Rowan doesn’t want to have this small talk, so Fitz asks him about the boxes. Blah, blah, blah…another power play showdown. Rowan finally explains the weight of the packages are that of the human head…and every time he received one he feared it was Olivia’s head. How twisted is that?!?!?!

Jake convinces her that they’ve caught Peus and offers her a deal, which she eventually decides to accept the immunity deal (with the condition that David deliver it) until…her (now Grace, not Samantha) and David have a massive showdown. She admits to wanting to still be with David, but he tells her that he hates her. A single twitch convinced Samantha that Peus actually hasn’t been caught and she ripped the immunity deal! David punches her when she talks trash about his dear Elizabeth.

Rowan asks to speak to Fitz, and he asks him to speak to Ruland/Samantha/Grace. Rowan snatches one of the Secret Service men’s guns, takes Samantha, and flees! WTH?!?!

Rowan, Samantha, and Peus all meet at his office. He tells them that he has earned his freedom, and they agree. Both Samantha and Peus leave the room, and Rowan makes a quick call. We get a flashback to Fitz and Rowan plotting and arranging all of this!!! WHAT?!?! Back in real time, Jake shoots Peus in the head!!! Meanwhile in the other room, Samantha watch as Rowan finally gets the last piece of his dinosaur. The tooth. He’s happy. Then, he stabs Samantha with it!!! “This is freedom!”

Crises adverted. Rowan’s dinosaur is complete. The Scandal world is happy again.

Quote(s) of the Week: “You’re as ignorant as a toddler playing with a handgun.”—Rowan (Yikes!)

Overall: Welp, that’s all over! We think (I have sneaking suspicion it’s not). I enjoyed this episode a lot. We were able to see our favorite characters shine again, as they haven’t had the opportunity to do so in quite some time. The Rowan speech (to Fitz towards the end) in this episode was one of my favorites. Also, the revenge was sweet.

Prediction(s): Next week we’re back to OPA and the Gladiators! Yay!!!

Glad the Peus and Ruland/Samantha/Grace/Whocares drama is over? Were you happy to see Rowan finish his dinosaur? Will we finally see President Mellie Grant? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

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Roll On: May 12, 2017

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