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Roll On: May 26, 2017

Roll On: May 26, 2017

Busy, busy birth month for us. Big Happy Birthday to KCSO Chantee!!! Let’s keeping rolling!

In sad news, R.I.P. Chris Cornell and Roger Moore. May your work live on.

Looking for a bratwurst covered in grasshoppers??? Me neither. Check out our non-grasshopper review of Rhein Haus in Denver here.

It’s happening!! A film starring Rihanna and Lupita, directed by Ava Duvernay. YAS!!!!!! There are also rumors of Issa Rae writing the script! Twitter dreams can come true.

K.Dot hopped on the Mask Off remix. “How y’all let a conscious nigga go commercial while only making conscious albums?” His verse is fire!

Check out this great interview with ESPN’s Jemele Hill here. She’s one of my favorite commentators and I love her podcast, His and Hers, with Michael Smith.

Masculinity so fragile, man. Hear all about the uproar behind the women-only Wonder Woman screenings at Alamo Drafthouse.

Starz’s Power is finally coming to Hulu! I love the show but missed Season 3 because it wasn’t streaming.

Unfortunately, The Get Down has been cancelled. At least we can enjoy the recently released second half of season 1.

Tami from Talking with Tami is ROCKING this jumpsuit! WERK. I may have to pick one up myself.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Foodie Files: Stanley Beer Hall

Foodie Files: Stanley Beer Hall

Prison Break: S5 E8 Progeny

Prison Break: S5 E8 Progeny