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Chantee's June Addictions - Beauty Edition

Chantee's June Addictions - Beauty Edition

Ok, it's been awhile since I posted. Life happens! Stop judging me! But I do have some goodies that I want to share with you that I have been using longer than just June, but still deserve a solid mention. 

You guys will become accustomed to me talking about beauty products and skincare because I'm low-key obsessed. My perfect Saturday morning (when I don't have kids running around the apartment or have to run all of my errands first thing in the A.M.) is watching my favorite YouTubers and all of the new uploads. Many of these products are things that I've fallen in love with after doing some research AND using the products for a decent amount of time to see any real difference. 

Sunday Riley Good Genes:

This shit is crack in a bottle. There's something about the lactic acid serum that Sunday Riley perfected that has literally changed the game in my skin. I've never seen such a dramatic change is the texture of my skin. My skin tone is drastically improved and I feel like my face is a lot more balance. now I'm not going to lie - this shit is expensive ($104) but, when it comes to skincare, I feel like it's completely worth it. 



Vitamin C:

vitamin c.jpg

This is for everyone but especially for my brown girls. We absolutely need Vitamin C because most of us most likely have some type of uneven skin tone or hyper-pigmentation due to the different colors of melanin in our skin and sun exposure over time. Vitamin C is really going to assist in just making sure that the overall tone of your skin is even. Vitamin C is a natural skin Brightener so it allows your inner glow to come through.

Olay Professional Microdermabrasion Kit:

OK, so after my Clarisonic ended up dying on me, I wasn't sure if I wanted to pay another $200 on a facial deep cleanser so I decided to try this kit. Maaaaan, listen! It really does the job and cleanses my skin thoroughly. It also has the added feature of a microdermabrasion gel and a higher setting on the wand to really exfoliate the surface of your skin. I didn't think the $30 would do the job but I definitely cannot see myself going back to paying all that money for a comparable result. Now this is not a knock on Clarisonic by any means but, if you are budget-conscious, this is a great alternative. Just don't wash your face with your hands. Huge no-no.

 Dove Pear and Aloe Vera Body Wash:

This one snuck up on me. I was just picking up some soap from Target and saw this  and didn't think anything of it. I just figured I was replenishing body wash so I didn't smell it. That evening when I took a shower… Lordt! This scent is heavenly. It smells like summer and happiness and dreams. It's smells so good I caught my boyfriend sneaking a squeeze of it. He ain't slick. Now we buy two at a time so I don't have to curse him out. 

Like the above products? Got any recommendations? Let us know and leave a comment! Stay Beautiful, KCSO Nation!!!

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