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Scandal: S6 E15/16

Scandal: S6 E15/16

This week we had a double feature finale with Tick, Tock and Transfer of Power. Some of the best Scandal writing ever in this episode!

Everyone has teamed together to hunt down Maya Pope. Their initial hypothesis is that Maya is involved for money. Jake leads a SWAT team into a warehouse, but it’s abandoned. They find plots describing Mellie’s inauguration parade route; therefore, Maya is planning to take Mellie out. Olivia speaks to Mellie about cancelling the outdoor inauguration, which is against Mellie’s wishes. 

The newly Quinn-lead OPA squad gets together in Quinn’s redecorated office to plan to find Maya. Meanwhile, Jake finds out that a recently re-instated Secret Service member is gearing up to meet with Maya. Jake knocks on the door at the hotel they’re meeting at and promptly arrests Maya. She’s screaming that she trying to help Olivia.

Maya begins have a dialogue (and sing spirituals) to the two-way mirror with Eli and Olivia watching. These were some of the best television scenes of the season. Her monologue was amazing!!! How do we get more Khandi Alexander on television?!?!?! Maya finally breaks down and Eli enters the cell for an intense exchange. However, no new information from Maya.

Three days before the inauguration and OPA needs Abby’s help—since she had a money trail to Peus and friends. Despite Quinn’s continue pettiness, when Abby asks to help, she allows her to join the team. Eventually they follow the money trail and learn that Maya isn't trying to hire someone to assassinate Mellie—Maya IS the assassin. Olivia puts on a show in front of her mother to try to extract information from her, but Maya did not buy that façade AT ALL. “Girl. Bye.” Olivia gives Maya a few seconds to spill the details, and when Maya doesn’t (and compares Liv to the Eli the Menace) …Olivia chokes her!!!

Mellie still doesn’t want to cancel the inauguration, but Fitz tells her to proceed with caution given his experience with being shot. I liked this touching moment between the two. It shows that they could still be a powerful team, even as exes. However, Mellie still wants to proceed with the inauguration to have her moment.

Olivia tries convinces Fitz to allow her mother to be released, but he shoots that idea down. Olivia lets her go anyway, and Eli tells Liv that Mellie will die and it will be her fault. Eli runs to Fitz and tells him to re-instate B613, with Fitz at its helm.

At the top of the 2nd hour, we have an angry Olitz hook-up (yawn). Then, of course, within a day of being released, Maya removes the tracker. The team gathers together to discuss the inauguration further. Luna Vargas suggests that their children not be present during the inauguration as a safety precaution—but Mellie will go ahead with the inauguration.

It’s the day of the inauguration and Cyrus is watching the live feed while eating bon-bons. Mellie is about to be sworn in when Maya takes down a sniper and retrieves a rifle. Maya calls Olivia and tells her to move over a bit, so Liv doesn’t get hurt. LOL. OPA gets info that someone present at the inauguration is involved in the assassination plot. Even Maya tells Liv she isn’t there to shoot Mellie. Before Olivia could get a name, Eli shoots Maya! Melody Margaret Grant is now the President of the United States.

Olivia finds out about the re-instated B613 and she’s not happy with Fitz. She also says she wanted Fitz to stay in D.C., but not under these circumstances. Three minutes later, Fitz says he isn’t going to stay and run B613. He says he’s leaving for real and says goodbye to Olivia. He heads outside to board the chopper and…Olivia comes running out, they embrace, and make out in front of the press. Olitz fans, rejoice!

Olivia is at OPA when she has an epiphany and requests to watch the Frankie Vargas assassination tapes over again. Moments later, she meets with Luna Vargas. Luna was behind Mellie’s potential assassination attempt! However, Luna is sassy and not giving into Olivia’s demands. Luna says they all need her in order to be successful in the White House and she dismisses Olivia. Liv meets with Jake, telling him everything and expressing her frustrations. Olivia meets with her hospitalized mother and expresses her frustrations again. Maya sees that Olivia is power hungry and calls her on it. “You are half me and half that crazy man.” Get back your White House!

Everyone is preparing for the inaugural ball. Mellie is gushing over her redecorated Oval Office and imbibes in some Oval Office moonshine! She arrives to Cyrus’ place and asks him to be her date to the ball.

Olivia gets decked out (which BTW…Kerry Washington looked stunning!!!), and her and Jake meet Luna Vargas in a White House office. Olivia tells her that she’s going to die. Like, now! Jake and Olivia gives her options—kill herself with pills or Jake murders her and they slander her name. Luna breaks down and confesses to her involvement in Frankie’s murder— “A President is most powerful the night he’s elected and the day he dies.” Olivia does not give AF about Luna’s tears and hands her a glass of water and the pills.

Olivia gets Mellie to sign off on an Executive Order, which (unbeknownst to Mellie) funds B613. Olivia tells her father that he’s retired and that she will be running B613.

In the closing scene, Olivia sits at the Lincoln Memorial with a bottle of wine in hand when Cyrus shows up to drink with her. She tells Cyrus that Luna was behind the assassination of Frankie. He tries to appear shocked for 5 seconds…then, he says too much. Cyrus, you evil snake. He fed the Jackie Kennedy speech to Luna (which she recited earlier) to prompt her to plot to kill her own husband. Low down! Olivia’s glare at Cyrus in this scene could kill. He calls her out about the Executive Order. Despite his involvement, Olivia tells Cyrus to stay in town…so they (i.e., she) can nominate him as the VP. Olivia Pope is now the most powerful woman in the world.

Other things:

  • Quinn (and Katie Lowes IRL) is pregnant. She was worried about her child having two assassin parents. Eventually, she came to terms with things and Charlie was happy, too.
  • Abby is back with OPA. White hats for all again!

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • “Everyone in your family has plotted my murder at some point.” –Mellie to Olivia
  • “So much for Black Girl Magic.”—Maya Pope
  • “You’re not smart prey. You’re the predator.”—Eli Pope

Overall: Best two episodes of Scandal of the season. Khandi Alexander gets an A+ this episode for all of her outstanding monologues (in Shonda-esque quick tempo speak). This season was much better than the last two seasons.

Prediction(s): I think we’re in for an intense final season of Scandal. Mellie and Cyrus in the White House, the OPA crew back together, Olitz PDA, POTUS Mellie and Marcus…I can’t wait to see the endgame. All I know is that Olivia has not worn white (this episode was all black) in a while. Let’s see if the white hat returns!

Were you excited about Olitz PDA? How do you feel about Cyrus as VP with POTUS Mellie? What are your expectations for next season? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

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