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Prison Break: S5 E7 Wine Dark Sea

Prison Break: S5 E7 Wine Dark Sea

The episode opens with Michael Jr. making some incredible drawings—like his daddy. He tells us that Greek heroes can die. Thus…Michael is struggling after being poisoned last week. Sarah and her hubby are about to have a glass of wine on the porch when Lincoln calls her to tell her they’ve found Michael and he’s been poisoned with antifreeze. Of course, her husband overhears everything. Like a crazy person, when Sarah gets off the phone, she tells her husband everything. Sarah is ready to hop on the plane to Crete, but her husband is telling her not to go, but Sarah ain’t playing those games.

Mr. Freddie Mercury decides to part ways with the crew and not get on the boat. The rest of the team board the boat on a 12-hour trip to Crete, but Michael doesn’t believe he’ll make it.

We see Sarah get in a cab to Crete—without her child! —and she receives a text from her husband stating that he supports her. One scene later, we see Michael Jr. outside playing with a drone. The moment his drone crashes and he goes to retrieve it, he is snatched up. Surprise, surprise!

That was a quick 12-hour trip to Crete because Sarah and Michael already reunite! Sarah hooks him up and he’ll recover in a few hours! As the two are reuniting, we get the big Poseidon reveal---it’s Jacob, Sarah’s husband. No?!?! Really?!?! Come on, writers.

Anywho, Michael explains how he got connected to Poseidon/21 Void/CIA/etc. He puts all the pieces together and further tells Sarah about the footage where the Deputy Director of the CIA was killed. Jacob actually killed the Deputy Director, Michael moved the body, and the images were altered to make it look like Michael killed him.

Michael sends Sarah back to the States to get their son. Sarah is going to try to pretend like she doesn’t know anything around Jacob and then get their child to safety.

Lincoln makes a call to a friend who has a boat—Sucre!!! For a nice price of $50k (or Sarah’s expensive ring rather), Sucre negotiates with the captain to get them all on board. We come to learn that Sucre is in the sex doll business. Huh?!?!?!

Sarah gets back to her husband, reunite, and when she tries to find Michael Jr, Jacbo says he’s at a friend’s house. Meanwhile, the boat captain received a Wanted notification for Michael/Kaniel, and immediately reports it to the CIA. The U.S. Navy makes it to the ship pretty quickly, but Sucre has a plan…he plays as a victim who was being held hostage to cause a distraction one side of the ship. When Sucre is questioned about a Kaniel Outis, he tells the Navy the guy’s name is Michael Schofield.

Michael and crew encounter a locked door and encountered some teargas while Sucre took hold of the ship (by knocking the captain out!). Sucre rigged the ship to go to Algerian water, so the Navy could no longer have jurisdiction. Jacob calls someone and asked them for a favor. The Navy backs out and a missile was launched and hit the ship—with Michael, Lincoln, and the crew just barely escaping.

Sarah gets her trusted friend to pick up Michael Jr. Silly Sarah gets a hold of a gun and confronts her new husband, and Jacob let’s her know what he was 10 steps ahead of her—sending his crew to Heather’s house to grab Michael Jr.

Overall: The Jacob/Poseidon reveal was extremely underwhelming and obvious. I was hoping the writers would take the show in a different direction. We’ll see how everything wraps up with just a few episodes left.

How did you feel about the big Poseidon reveal? Did you throw your remote at the television like I did? Leave your Prison Break comments below!

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