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Scandal: S6 E14 Head Games

Scandal: S6 E14 Head Games

On Wednesday, we received the announcement that we’ve speculated about for a while: Scandal will end Season 7. This episode definitely prepares us for the end of this series…

Everyone is at peace after last week’s messy drone situation. Marcus tells the media that Fitz has a lot more to accomplish in his career. Fitz and Olivia are back in the hay. Quinn is trying on wedding gowns—with Huck fulfilling his Maid of Honor duties. Everything is perfect again.

Rowan is cleaning up his office and preparing to leave, but David swings by with questions. Why David, why? He wants to figure out Ruland/Samantha’s true identity because he’s finding dead ends. He’s begging Rowan for answers so he can find closure. Rowan agrees to help him—by providing him with Samantha’s head!!! David needs somewhere to store the head, so he heads to Abby’s house because she has a big fridge and freezer. Jake heads (pun intended) over to Abby’s to swab the head for DNA.

Fitz has a list of folks who have petitioned for pardons from prison. Olivia wants him to make amends with Abby and allow her to pick, but Fitz is being petty. Speaking of Petty, Charlie is telling Huck and Quinn that there will be no OPA soon with Liv in the White House. Olivia decides to give the list to OPA for them to make an informed choice. Quinn selects a case involved a man who was framed for murder by a White supremacist group. Olivia appears unamused and leaves the OPA crew to make an ultimate decision.

Mellie and Olivia meet about cabinet picks, but Mellie suggests Marcus for Communications Director—a promotion for him. She’s acting coy about not liking Marcus. I do wish Mellie and Marcus would make up.

Olivia and Rowan are back to their weekly dinner, where Rowan is discussing his travel plans. She thinks that Rowan will get bored and return after a few weeks, but Rowan insists the importance of not having family around in order to maintain focus and power.

Quinn and Olivia have a showdown because Quinn doesn’t have enough proof to warrant a pardon. Quinn reads her—telling her the White House means more to her than her white hat—and Liv kicks her out. Quinn decides to take her evidence straight to Fitz and makes a pitch. Fitz brushes her away, but Quinn provides him a rousing speech—deeming herself the “new Olivia”—and decides to hear more.

Mellie approaches Marcus about the Communications Director position, but he rejects it because Fitz offered him a position with his foundation. He claims he is “not Olivia Pope,” and Mellie walks away. Damn.

Jake receives the DNA evidence back, and Ruland/Samantha is actually Gertrude. As we all guessed, Peus and Gertrude worked for someone else.

Later, Fitz decides to approve the pardon! He has an interview where he reveals his foundation will focus on social justice issues.

Quinn reads Olivia again and Olivia is smiling at her while she does it. Olivia opens a safe and gives Quinn everything for OPA—the pardon situation was a test. OPA now belongs to Quinn. *cue Patti Labelle’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow*

Jake found the Big Bad. We see Rowan reading to his private jet, about to embark on his journey. However, Olivia shows up, stops him, and takes him back to the White House to meet with Fitz and Jake. He receives the information about the Big Bad but he still wants to leave. “Who’s gonna protect me from her?” The Big Bad is….

…Mama Pope?!?!?! Maya Pope has returned, ya’ll. She is seen swigging a dirty martini.

Quote(s) of the Week: Wanna be a Gladiator in a swimsuit? —Charlie

Overall: Excellent episode! Scandal and Grey’s had amazing episodes this week and I’m looking forward to both finales. I forgot all about Maya Pope! Now I have to go back a watch her previous episodes to connect some dots.

Note: I did not like Fitz passively threatening to have Secret Service shoot Quinn for disrespect. I’m so annoyed by who Fitz has become. He doesn’t even know “The D.”

Prediction(s): Rowan’s gonna die. As evil as he has been, it will be sad. They can’t just let this man go on vacation. I think we'll have an explosion finale to lead us into the final season.

How do you feel about Olitz? What about an Abby-David reunion? Are you okay with Quinn taking over OPA? What did you think of the reveal? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

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