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Prison Break: S5 E6 Phaecia

Prison Break: S5 E6 Phaecia

The men are on the run. Let’s see how this pans out…

The evil folks made bail with the help of Poseidon. They officially state they job is to kill Kaniel Outis.

Michael and crew know that nighttime isn’t the time to make their run. They find Omar (a friend of Sheba) to help transport them miles away. He has a random vehicle laying around town, which he’ll allow them to use. Two seconds later (literally) we discover it was all a set up! But at least they grabbed the car. They return to Omar and threaten him in order to get away to the desert.

We see two folks in Kellerman’s office. They know he was looking into 21 Void before he was killed. The woman believes someone in the State Department was involved. Obviously, it was the man she was speaking to, who immediately calls the bad guys. We learn that our evil lady previously worked for the NSA. She was clearly traumatized on the job and gravitated toward working for Poseidon. She meets up with an old flame at NSA who gives them permission to have surveillance on Kaniel Outis.

ISIL finds them Michael and crew pretty quickly. Luckily, the team is able to blow up an oil tanker—taking all of the men out. However, Omar was shot and killed in the gunfire, and their “map” is now gone. More shots are being fired at the team—by Cyclops, who snitched on them last week.

Meanwhile, Trisha (NSA old flame) is tracking Kaniel and has a drone set-up to take them out. However, she’s smart and kicks the evil duo out because she knows they are up to no good.

Michael makes the crew draw rocks for who would go after Cyclops. Michael and Cyclops get into a tussle and Michael stabs him in the eye!!! Ah!!! Unfortunately, Cyclops does slice Michael across the stomach area before dying.

Lincoln and crew reach a “safe” area with individuals who were happy to see Omar. Well…Lincoln and crew lie to them in order to later get passage on the boat that Omar told them would be available. Lincoln does gives the folks all the materials Omar wanted to bring to them.

Earlier Michael was on the internet with someone and asked them to take a screenshot. The bad guys catch wind of this and travel to Portland to meet with the man. When they arrive, they encounter a man who’s dressed as Elvis in a gaudy, Graceland-like manor.

Michael is struggling physically and his vehicle breaks down in the middle of his trek through the desert. He hops out and continues to follow the tracks Lincoln’s vehicle left. Luckily, Lincoln wants to go out and find him; knowing that Michael won’t be able to follow the tire tracks at night. Michael is slowly losing consciousness when he sees fireworks being set off by Lincoln and the kids. He can’t be too far! He’s not! Michael comes struggling up the hill and tells them he’s been poisoned by antifreeze. The only doctor around is back where they came from. Duh duh duh…

Overall: Good episode. Nothing huge with the plot changed, but the episode gave us some action.

How will Michael get help? Will we see more of Elvis? Were you okay with the lack of Sarah this episode? Leave your Prison Break comments below!

Scandal: S6 E13 The Box

Scandal: S6 E13 The Box

Roll On: May 5, 2017

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