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Scandal: S6 E12 Mercy

Scandal: S6 E12 Mercy

What a busy episode! Let's jump into all the twists and turns.

We kick off the episode with Olivia waking up next to Fitz. She goes to meet her father in the White House bunker—and he has a decadent breakfast! I need to brunch with him. Anyway, she tells him that he’s safe when Fitz comes in peacocking in front of him. Rowan would like to go to Paris or Zanzibar in order to be safe. However, they are not letting him go anywhere because he is a prisoner. Fitz and Rowan continue to posture in front of each other and Rowan tells them both to LEAVE.

Abby and Leo are in bed (glad he’s safe on this show *cough Prison Break cough*) and Abby is pretty antsy. Meanwhile, Huck and Charlie encounter each other at OPA in an awkward exchange. Charlie is super jealous. Jake and David pay their respects to a buried Elizabeth in the woods. Jake gives David a talking to about his new girlfriend.

Mellie and Ruland (yay for getting a name for Lady in Red!) meet and discuss how they are tracking all of Mellie’s moves. Ruland also lays down the law and informs Mellie that they are picking her whole Presidential Cabinet AND her VP.

Mellie’s potential VP, Theodore Peus (we’re finally getting names!), shows up to OPA to discuss his candidacy with Olivia. He is framing them with surveillance of Jake covering up Elizabeth’s murder. Olivia doesn’t budge—she will not be manipulated by these folks. However, she heads to Jake’s place and asks for him to resign.

Abby and Quinn have their first real meet-up since the Huck fiasco. Quinn is not having her apologies. Quinn goes to meet with Huck who is being distant with her given his encounter with Charlie.

Jake steps down as Mellie’s VP which makes Ruland happy (Who just hooked up with David in his office. Gross.). We now get everyone to the White House for a team meeting. Fitz and Abby try to threaten Ruland to no avail. THEN Secret Service comes barging into the Oval Office because a drone is in the White House airspace. Abby and Ruland are sequestered together in a White House bunker—which we quickly learn was a plot to have a team meeting about how to proceed against Ruland and Peus. Yay for the team coming together!!

Sort of. They discuss a Grant-Bean ticket and Rowan enters the room by Olivia’s request. He quickly discloses shooting Frankie, which is news to many in the room. Olivia wants her father’s help, but before he will assist, he wants Fitz to admit he needs him. What a showdown!!! Fitz feeds him some B.S. lines and Rowan refuses to help. LMAO. Mellie wants to give in and allow Peus to be VP and whines, but Cyrus tells her to shut up—causing them to have a quarrel. Rowan calls them all worthless with all the squabbling. Rowan delivers Fitz a few low blows and gives a soliloquy on “mercy” before going to get a drink.

Cyrus invites Rowan to go and get that drink and they head to the White House’s hidden bar. Cyrus creeps up to Rowan with a knife, but Rowan quickly breaks a bottle, turns around, and exposing his foolish attempt. Cyrus is still clearly mourning Frankie’s death.

There’s a few side convos: Huck tells Quinn about Charlie’s feelings. Fitz lectures David on his taste in women. Jake chastises Olivia about getting back with Fitz. Marcus inspires Mellie. Blah, blah, blah.

The drone has been cleared and Ruland is restless. Olivia and the crew are running out of time. Mellie comes in and decides she is going to name her own VP—she asks for Cyrus’ hand. Cyrus gives her a firm “no.” Liv says it has to be someone pure and unimpeachable…Their final decision—Luna Vargas!

Ruland watches the decision on television and is ticked. Olivia comes to meet Ruland and has her promptly arrested. "You can't take Olivia Pope. Olivia Pope takes you." Boom!

Quote(s) of the Week: “Look at Betty Bossy Pants. Isn’t she adorable?” –Ruland

Overall: Though our bad girl Ruland is imprisoned, I know the conspiracy is far from over. Unfortunately. I wish Scandal would end all of these conspiracy plots and get back to some of its core ala Seasons 1 and 2. I’m still curious to how this season will end…

Prediction(s): I still think we’re going to encounter a major death this season. I still have no firm guesses on who.

What did you think of this episode? Do you want them to just let Rowan go and never return? Will Luna Vargas make a good VP? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

It's May!!!

It's May!!!

Roll On: April 28, 2017

Roll On: April 28, 2017