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Microblading: The Godsend

Microblading: The Godsend

I like beauty stuff. I love makeup. Waking up on a Sunday morning while everyone else is asleep and watching some of my favorite beauty bloggers weekly videos pretty much makes my day. One thing that really did catch my eye was microblading. It seemed like the answer to all of my life problems when it comes to my eyebrows. If you've got janky eyebrows, why leave the house? OK I'm joking. Sort of. Eyebrows are an absolute essential step in making sure your overall face, especially when you're doing make up, is on point. I remember when the eyebrow tattoo craze came out and I promptly skirted by that phenomenon because…hell no. Some of the bloggers that I live for (Jackie Aina and Destiny Godley) got their eyebrows microbladed so please go check them out. 

So the wheels were set in motion during my Mardi Gras trip to New Orleans back in February. I was accompanied on the trip with my sister and my sisters friend Starr. Starr is an amazing Brooklyn-based make up artist that is literally the jack of all trades. Anything beauty she pretty much can do flawlessly. Here's a shot of her doing my make up down to New Orleans for a night on the town. Even though it's black-and-white, she beat that face up! 

She mentioned the idea of microblading and it completely peaked all of my interests. The fact that I can have a semi permanent tattoo of an eyebrow for 1 to 3 years sounded like the greatest thing since sliced bread and Beyoncé. My eyebrows are not full and have no real shape but, with constant waxing and Anastasia Dip Brow, I can create a pretty decent brow shape on a daily basis. Once Starr laid out the process, I was on board.

So fast forward to April and I was ready. Because Starr is a friend, she travelled to my sisters apartment and set up a makeshift microblading session in my sisters kitchen. Now let's get started!

Step 1: Shaping

Before she started anything, I got a really good shaping. If that's all she did,  my ass would've been more than happy.

Step 2: The Sketch

I thought this step was interesting. After she shaped my brow, she basically sketched out with a finely sharpened pencil the shape that she wanted it to look like when she actually started the microblading. The picture doesn't do it justice but it was funny looking at how intense the brows were but I already knew they were going to be #teamlitty. 


Step 3: Numbing

This has to be probably the most important step. I've seen some of the reviews about microblading and some people have a higher tolerance of pain than others so they're able to deal with more of the discomfort. Make sure whoever does your procedure has a fantastic numbing cream and takes the time to let it really do its job.  This process I would say took maybe 30 minutes or so. Obviously, the longer you numb, the less discomfort you will feel. 

Step 4: The Blading!!

Now for the blade! Look at this set up!

This was a meticulous process. Starr is an absolute perfectionist so she went in! She combined all of the colors that you see to really pinpoint the exact color your eyebrows need to be since they're going to last you for quite a bit of time. I would say this part took maybe 40 minutes. It's a small price to pay for setting off your face and giving you the piece of mind to strut into the world #winning.

After getting Starr to do my brows, I honestly do not know what people were talking about. I literally felt no pain. I didn't hurt at all. We were having a conversation. We were laughing, joking and chatting it up and the only reason I knew she was actually doing the microblading was because you can kind of feel the tugging of the needle on your brow hair. A pain tolerance wasn't even a factor. All you feel is pressure but no discomfort.

Step 5: Aftercare

This was the most annoying step for me. Because I basically couldn't wash my face for seven days. After the microblading is done, it's similar to getting a tattoo in that you need to cover it up with some type of ointment for a period of time. We ended up putting on Aquaphor because it's known for its healing properties and it's a good barrier when you are take a shower at your don't want the brows to get jacked up. I ended up using a warm wet washcloth to really rub my face in all of the crevices for the week. I opted to go sans-make up because I just didn't want the headache of having to take off a bunch of make up all around eyebrows that I can't even really touch. For the most part, I survived going out in public without make up on.

                                  LOOK AT THESE JOINTS!!!

                                  LOOK AT THESE JOINTS!!!

Now, this is only Part I. I will need to go back in 6 weeks to do the touch up portion of the process. This step is absolutely crucial to make sure the microblading lasts as long as possible. Depending on the kind of skin you have with determine how long the procedure lasts. For oily girls, it may be shorter, FYI.

All in all, I couldn't be more happy with the result. The fact that these brows will last for the least a year and a half makes me really happy and content that I spent the money. Now you still have to keep your brow shape up. Pluck or wax wherever you need to in order to keep the shape but if you keep that up the shape is always going to be there and you're going to look fantastic without make up if you want to go that route or your eyebrows are going to be perfectly sculpted when you're wearing a full face. Speaking of money, the overall process cost about $500. It is definitely a luxury beauty procedure but I'm obsessed with good eyebrows so, for me, it was kind of a no-brainer.

Do your research. Find someone that has a great reputation. I am a fan of using Instagram to really look at someone's work. I knew Starr was going to be good but it also helps looking at all of the people that have gotten procedures done by her knowing that they look fantastic. If you're in the Brooklyn area, hit her up because she is extremely talented and will have you right with your life. Her IG is @blacksherebrowsbeauty.

Have you tried microblading? What was your experience like? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments!

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