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Scandal: S6 E9 Dead in the Water

Scandal: S6 E9 Dead in the Water

Uh oh…we got a violence warning before the episode began. We’re in for something big…

We return to the scene where Jennifer and Huck are shot. Jake later attempts to enter the hotel room but his key card isn’t working and both of them are nowhere to be found. Meg has a bloody (and still) Huck in the back of her car. Jake immediately run to OPA (as they are investigating the Lady in Red and her people). Quinn can’t get ahold of Huck which really worries her, so her and Charlie head to the hotel room in CSI mode. They spray the glow serum and the room lights up everywhere! Panic mode.

Olivia lets Abby know that Huck is missing (which Abby’s butt already knows!) and Abby tries to make excuses. Olivia shows Abby the pics of Lady in Red and requests high-level help. Abby is stone cold and tells Olivia that she’ll help.

Huck is breathing while in the truck of Meg’s car! Next to a very dead Jennifer. He grabs Jennifer’s belt in hopes of defending himself, but Meg is busy pushing the car over a cliff and into a lake in a dessert-like environment (near D.C.?!?!). The truck begins to flood panicking Huck, as Meg smirks callously at the car.

Huck is drowning and begins dreaming about himself getting advice from the OPA crew (including Papa Pope!). They remind him of the structure of the Camry where you can get to the front of the car from the truck. One strategy after another fails, but he is finally able to get out!

Abby calls Lady in Red (Black this week) to get information on Huck’s location to no avail. Charlie and Quinn are in Jennifer’s empty apartment. The security camera was taken and everything, but Quinn knows that Huck would have non-Cloud based backup (which she finds). Abby then asks to speak to President Fitz as “friends.” Marcus shows up to OPA to assist in the search for Huck and Liv tries to brush him off, but he isn’t going anywhere. So much Huck love!

Huck is able to swim his way to dry land where he encounters a younger version of himself heckling him. Telling him he goes to die to blood loss, get eaten by coyotes, etc. Dang.

Olivia begins to question whether or not she’s a good boss when Jake appears with intel. Shortly, thereafter Abby walks in to confess something, but before she can utter three words—Liv slaps her 3x!!!! Don’t ever cross Olivia Pope!

Meanwhile, Meg is busying dying her hair blonde (that look doesn’t work for you, boo) when she hears some noises and creeks. She fires three shots into the door and…it’s just a rat…then she turns around to a gun in her face and Quinn and Charlie.

Abby tells Olivia everything, but Liv is not trying to hear it. They both go on a tit-for-tat about motives, need for power, etc. Abby begs for forgiveness *eye roll* and Liv isn’t here for that because she is focused on finding Huck. Abby tries to walk away, but Liv stops that and forces her to stay within OPA—knowing Quinn isn’t going to be happy. “You messed with the wrong Gladiator!”

We flash to Huck who is barely able to fish Jennifer’s dead body out of the lake before collapsing himself. Hang in there!

Then, we get one of Scandal’s goriest scenes (which says a lot) with Quinn torturing Meg—cutting different areas of her body, removing her fingers, and clawing her face!!! When Quinn removes the tape from Meg’s mouth, Meg gets sassy (“No wonder Huck loved me more than he loves you”—Ahhhh!), and Quinn slices her throat! Charlie and Quinn return to OPA and Liv immediately realizes that Quinn killed Meg and now they don’t have any leads on his location. Jake declares he believes Huck is dead and everyone sulks.

Charlie goes into Olivia’s office and gives her a pep talk—to give her crew a pep talk. We even see her old White Hat hanging in the background. Liv gathers the team and gives the pep talk—Go Charlie!

The team figures out a way to triangulate Jennifer’s phone signal. Jake and Olivia head to the dessert. Meanwhile, the team is in the conference room and Quinn wants to leave, but Marcus tells her that Liv wants them to watch Abby. Why?!?! Quinn puts two and two together— “I. WILL. KILL. YOU.” Quinn growls to Abby. Agh!!!

Jake and Liv keep searching…and find Huck! Hooray! Fast forward to the hospital. Huck is in serious condition. Then…in walks Fitz! He is there to check on Huck’s status and console Olivia. Fitz also asks Olivia to forgive Abby. What?!?! It’s a bit soon, bruh.

Quinn gives an unconscious Huck a lecture about his blind spots. She promises to lookout for him in the future. As she’s walking away, Huck begins to regain consciousness. Praise! Unfortunately, Charlie overheard everything and saw Quinn cuddle with Huck.

The episode closes with Olivia going to sit next to Abby on a park bench in silence, but grabbing her hand. We are to assume that Olivia forgives her.

Quote(s) of the Week

  • Don’t call again. I don’t like you. You’re annoying *click* --Lady in Red to Abby

Overall: Praise! Huck is okay. It was touch-and-go for most of the episode, but he’s alive! Although I wanted Huck and Meg to have a showdown, I was fine with how the story played out. Everyone send a little prayer for Quinn and Charlie’s relationship. They are adorable in a twisted way.

Prediction(s): Next week is the 100th episode which will be a fantasy episode. *rolls eye* Fine. I’m okay with the cast, writers, and crew doing something fun to celebrate.

How did you feel about the outcome? Do you forgive Abby? Let us know your Scandal thoughts in the comments!

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