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Prison Break: S5 E1 Ogygia

Prison Break: S5 E1 Ogygia

Let’s call it 2005 all over again. 24:Legacy is on the air and now Prison Break is back on Fox. As you all know by now, I love my action movies and television. Prison Break was one of my favorite series when it first aired. Thus, I have to recap/critique the revival. Let’s hop into Episode 1 of 9 of this revival!

After a much-needed flashback of the first 4 seasons, we hop into the current episode—with Michael narrating about his life when he “died” seven years ago.

In present day, Fox River Penitentiary, we are re-introduced to Theodore Bagwell (aka T-Bag), who is being released from prison. He received an envelope and is in shock. In Chicago, we see Lincoln Burrows running away from a car. The men get out of the car, remind him that he owes them 10k, and then drive away. He arrives back home to encounter T-Bag on his porch. He tries to shoo him away, but T-Bag hands him the envelope. It looks like Michael Scofield is alive! Lincoln says it’s impossible for Michael to be alive and doesn’t understand why the envelope would be sent to T-Bag. He kicks T-Bag out of his home.

Fast forward to Lincoln in Syracuse, New York when he is being followed (or at least thinks he is). Why is he in New York? To meet Sarah! We immediately find out that she hasn’t seen him in a while…and she’s married! Lincoln shows Sarah the documents from the envelope and she’s in denial too. Her husband, Jacob (who seems friendly enough), arrives along with Michael’s son. Sarah still appears to be mourning Michael, but coping the best way she can. They try to think of an explanation for the documents, but can’t wrestle their heads around it.

T-Bag is in a hotel room with his laptop, catching up with his internet ladies and gentleman callers. He receives a notification for an appointment with a prosthetic doctor. He meets with Dr. Whitcomb for his 9:30pm (!) appointment. He discusses his research which helps to get limbs working. His research is funded through an anonymous donor…under the condition that he treats T-Bag in the first trial.

Lincoln goes to Michael’s grave and speaks about how he’s gone back to his old ways, running the streets. He notices something on the paper—a code spelling “ogygia”—a prison. Lincoln begins digging up Michael’s grave. Of course, Lincoln opens the grave and there’s no body in it! He begins looking for one of Michael’s signature clues.

The next day, the car that was following Lincoln pulls up to him at a stoplight and begins using a computer which controls all the features in Lincoln’s car—accelerating it through traffic and into a lake! The car pulls up to the lake, but fortunately for Lincoln, passersby interrupt before he can confirm Lincoln was killed. Lincoln calls Sarah (from a pay phone?!?! Where is a payphone in 2017?!?!) and tells her everything that happened. As she’s speaking to him, the black truck pulls up to her house…she goes into crisis mode, asking her husband to get a gun that he didn’t even know about. Her husband—who isn’t covert at all—gets shot in the leg by the woman intruder. Sarah barricades her and her kiddo and yanks a towel bar off the bathroom wall! Badass! She learned a thing or two from those earlier seasons. Luckily, sirens scare the intruder away.

At the hospital, Lincoln and Jacob meet up and we hear the Jacob was shoot in the femoral artery. Baby Michael is smart—he knows this has to do with this real father. Sarah is still in denial, but Lincoln is plans on going to Yemen.

In Buffalo, New York, Lincoln meets with C-Note again! He’s turned his life around and converted to Islam (Note: I couldn’t tell if C-Note had a new name, so I’ll keep referring to him as such for now). Lincoln catches him up on the envelope and details. C-Note recognizes part of the mosque in photo with Lincoln, which is a mosque at the prison in Yemen. They call the prison but there isn’t a Michael Schofield in the prison. C-Note is trying to talk Lincoln out of traveling to Yemen. While trying to searching for Michael’s old records, Michael’s pictures have all be replaced with someone else! C-Note still tries to warn Lincoln from going—knowing that Michael usually is in control of his well-being.

T-Bag heads to surgery and he doesn’t want general anesthesia, but the doctor talks him into it. Nighty night.

Lincoln gets the jacket he found in Michael’s grave dry cleaned and delivered to him. He tries it on and we see someone walking into the room behind him…. he punches him…it’s Sucre!!! He wants to travel with Lincoln to Yemen. C-Note also shows up to the airport! They decide that just the two of them will head to Yemen. Meanwhile, the two people who tried to kill Lincoln and Sarah are closely watching them.

The crew arrives to Yemen. Lincoln quickly notices that few people are entering the country and a bomb goes off in the distance. It’s not safe. A guy approaches them who is allegedly from the mosque and there to meet C-Note. But then we see a man with a sign at the airport for “Franklin Burrows.” He stops at a location that’s not the intended address, but as they try to escape, they are locked in a garage! Lincoln and C-Note have to fight off several guys in an intense action scene! They find a phone with their pictures—they were clearly set up. A woman opens the garage and asks them to come quickly into their car.

T-Bag wakes up to his robotic, fully functional prosthetic arm. He questions the doctor about what was done. The doctor still doesn’t know who the benefactor is for the procedure.

Lincoln finally sees two words (another code?) on the tag of the grave jacket. But they meet up with someone else, Omar, who wants Lincoln’s passport. C-Note is skeptical about Lincoln giving up his passport. He’ll never be able to leave! But Lincoln gives it up and he ensures Lincoln will see his brother soon.

They walk through the doors of Ogygia Prison—witnessing the poor and abusive treatment of the prisoners. Again, at check-in, there is no record of a Michael Scofield, but when they show the guard a picture of Michael, the guard calls him by another name—the name from the jacket tag.

Back in New York, Baby Michael has a lot of questions. Sarah begins describing him—During this, we see Michael walking through the prison, about to meet Lincoln. The meet eye-to-eye—Lincoln remarks on his new tats. “Michael” (?) says the tats aren’t new and pretends not to know them. He walks away with Lincoln crying out for him…

Highlights: The crew is back together again! This was a great opening episode which setup the story for the season well. I got excited all over again just seeing them re-connect. Terrific episode for all the original fans. I’m ready for this ride.

What did you think about the new Prison Break premiere? What do you think Michael’s been up to? Were you excited about seeing the crew? Leave your Prison Break feedback in the comments below!

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