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24 Legacy: S1 E9

24 Legacy: S1 E9

Eric/CTU: Eric can’t find Naseri and neither can CTU due to all the smoke caused by the missile launch. CTU explains how Naseri’s history as a bodyguard and translator and how he decapitated some folks. Yikes. Andy returns to CTU banged up but okay! No rest for the weary, Mullins wants him to get back to work.

Meanwhile, a CTU security guard named Stephen gets a call from who he thinks is his side boo, Jennifer, but it’s Naseri. Naseri has Jennifer tied up and bound by C4 explosives and is blackmailing him. He has to follow Naseri’s instructions to protect Jennifer.

Later, he gets intel from CTU to go to a house—Jennifer’s house. They bust in an encounter a seemingly innocent woman (one of Naseri’s folk) and after a few seconds (and one dead CTU agent later) find out she’s not innocent. Eric kills her and find Jennifer downstairs bound with a motion trip wire.

Stephen is busy adjusting the cameras in the room where Jadalla is being kept. Rebecca goes into the room to interrogate Jadalla. He’s not saying much, but claims he doesn’t know anyone named Naseri. Rebecca shows him a picture, but he claims Naseri works with him but goes by another name.

Eric spends time calling into CTU figuring out how to diffuse the bomb. Of course, he successfully diffuses the vest just in time.  Side note: Folks, when people tell you not to move or you’ll blow yourself and everyone up…DON’T MOVE!!! How many times do we have to see this trope play out in television and movies??? It would be the mannequin challenge for me in that room.

Stephen is busy sneaking some folks (Naseri’s team) into CTU. Not cool. He even pulls a gun on his own men! Please remember—this is to save his girlfriend, not his wife. Stephen frees Jadalla from the room by distracting the other security guards. After Jennifer is freed, she tells Eric (and CTU) about her secret boyfriend and they immediately lockdown CTU. Rebecca finds Stephen and lets him know that Jennifer is safe.

John/Rebecca/Tony: Meanwhile, John is contemplating resigning from his campaign and is bringing his father home. He gets a call from Rebecca and ignores it. Tony ain’t surprised and tells Rebecca she made the right decision. Her and Tony part ways with a sweet goodbye. John gets home with his father and they have a doctor arriving later to see if his father is okay. His father forgives him because he knows it was Rebecca’s call to torture him. However, his father is still plotting for John to be President since no one knows of his involvement with the terrorist. Cold-blooded. His daddy tries to get sassy, but John walks away. 

Before Rebecca gets debriefed, Mullins wants her to speak to Jadalla—but just before that John finally calls her back. They makeup (aww!) and John says he would like to meet her in person. Just as Stephen is trying to break out Jadalla, John has arrived to CTU. As soon as Stephen finds out Jennifer is safe, Naseri and his crew come in shooting and capture Jadalla. As they are leaving the parking lot, they kill John’s security team, but recognize him and take him!

CTU tries to get visuals on the vehicle but can’t find them. Naseri and Jadalla are having a confrontation about Naseri lying about his identity. They encounter a roadblock and John tries to create a ruckus to alert the police, but they shoot their way through the roadblock. CTU gets alert of the checkpoint shooting. Eric is deciding on what to do. *beep boop*

Nicole/Isaac: Eric thanks Isaac for his help. Isaac responded with an “I’m your brother.” Aww, adorbs. However, Eric needs one final request—for Isaac to look after Nicole a little longer while he tracks down Naseri. Isaac doesn’t approve and is trying to save their marriage (kinda). Shortly after Eric takes off, Nicole arrives and Isaac informs her that Eric is okay, but has some things to take care of. Nicole isn’t buying this story about Eric “needed” to be involved and she wants to return home. Isaac offers to take her home, but doesn’t even know where they live. Dang. Nicole and Isaac arrive at Nicole and Eric’s home. As they are cleaning up, Nicole finds some letters of correspondence between Eric and Rebecca—Eric has been debating working for CTU…without Nicole’s knowledge.

Highlights: Overall, good episode. Nothing too thrilling. Nicole finding the letters was cheesy—doesn’t Eric have e-mail? Anyway, with John being kidnapped, we’re in for an intense ride these next couple of episode.

Would you move with a motion sensor vest-bomb on you? How petty is John’s dad? Will Stephen’s wife ever find out about all of this??? Leave your 24 Legacy reactions in the comments!

24 Legacy: S1 E10

24 Legacy: S1 E10

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