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Prison Break: S5 E4 The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Prison Break: S5 E4 The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Sheba (yes, I finally found her name because they rarely say it) is pretty banged up and in the hospital. However, she’s hanging in there and asking about passports. C-Note has been speaking to people at the mosque and they told him that the airport is facing closure. Should they risk everything and everyone for just one man??

Michael and his buddies are in solitary lockup at the prison and they hear airstrikes blasting nearby. He asks them if there is an S carved in the wall of their individual cell and Abu Ramal has it in his. Shucks.

Lincoln heads to the Yemen Department of Justice—amid continued ISIL strikes—and they get a full pardon given they complete a task.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is running some recon for Sarah. We see Kellerman at home and he is suspicious someone is in his house—he’s right, T-Bag pulls a gun on him. Obviously, T-Bag has a grudge since he was the only one from the team who was not exonerated by Kellerman. T-Bag tries to interrogate him, but quickly finds out that he is not Poseidon.  Soon after the Big Baddies come in guns blazing. Kellerman is shot! T-Bag goes to the basement, calls 911, and escapes. Then Male Big Baddie and Kellerman get into a tiff and he shoot Keller point blank! Ya’ll killed Kellerman?!?! Why? He is one of the more interesting characters/villains on the show. What a loss.

Chaos is occurring in the prison and while most people are running away from the prison, Lincoln runs into the gates. The guards are even turning on each other and locking each other in the prison. In order to get the keys to get in Lincoln has to run down the guard who locked everyone in. He follows him for a while and the guard is eventually shot dead by some other folks.

Michael is trying to get Abu Ramal to cooperate with him in order for both of them to escape. Thus, the title of the episode: The Prisoner’s Dilemma.

**If you are unfamiliar with The Prisoner’s Dilemma, see here**

Abu Ramal is reluctant, but eventually trusts Michael and cooperates. Michael is able to escape and breaks all the others free from solitary. The all go on a wild chase and eventually escape (the details aren’t that important). Abu Ramal is about to turn on Michael (because Michael was going to turn on him), but Lincoln takes hold of one of the armed vehicles!!! A distraction is caused and Abu Ramal is stabbed and Lincoln shoots the rest of Ramal’s men. Michael and Lincoln embrace in a huge hug!!! The men are back together! Unfortunately, their reunion is short lived because now ISIL wants to come after them for Ramal’s death.

Meanwhile, T-Bag follows the Big Baddies only to find them meet with…Sarah’s husband. *Yawn* We knew he was in on everything when they didn’t kill him.

Overall: This episode was okay. One thing I dislike about the current season is that I don’t have any attachment to the non-original Prison Break characters. As in, I don’t care about them because there was no real character development. Also, Kellerman’s dead!!! Really?!?! I was anticipating a good story with his character and they just kill him off. I guess I have to get my Paul Adelstein fix on Scandal. I hope the rest of the episodes bring some excitement.

Are you mourning the loss of Kellerman? Are you happy the brothers have reunited? Where do you think the story will go? Leave your Prison Break comments below!

Roll On: April 28, 2017

Roll On: April 28, 2017

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