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Scandal: S6 E11 Trojan Horse

Scandal: S6 E11 Trojan Horse

We kick off the episode with a wild romp between Lady in Red and David Rosen. DID NOT WANT. David heads to get his lady some water, and Jake grabs him and quickly tells him everything. Poor David! He never knows what's happening.

Mellia and Olivia meet at OPA—with Mellie putting all of the pieces together. Mellie doesn’t want to give up the White House. “I was born for this! This is mine!” But Liv gives her the White Hat speech. I hope this is a sign old Olivia is bad.

David Rosen has a press conference deeming Cyrus innocent. Abby goes to the prison to show Cyrus video of the live press conference. He will be released.

Liv and Fitz meet at the Oval and Liv expresses how much she needed Mellie’s win. They embrace.

Cyrus is released and Abby sets him up in a new apartment. Michael won’t allow him to see his daughter. He’s have flashbacks of all the awful things that have happened to him in the last couple months.

Liz comes to talk to Mellie about conceding to the office. After Liz’s pep talk, Mellie heads to Olivia’s place and says they should let the electoral college do its work. Mellie accidently reveals she’s working with Liz North and leaves stating she is not going to concede as planned.

Good news: Huck is home and back to work (in Quinn’s pink robe)! Now OPA is working for Cyrus. Liz and Abby go to war in front of the press.

Olivia goes to meet with Cyrus, likely for the first time since his release from prison, to bring him suits. He doesn’t want to meet with her, especially since Liv gave up on him months ago. This is an important message in friendship!

Fitz and the FBI Director Angela are still hooking up. She is questioning Olivia’s involvement in Cyrus’ campaign, but Fitz does not want to discuss anything concerning Olivia with her.

Rowan gives Olivia a buzz and invites her to his workplace. He found a security blind spot in his office (brilliant!) and he tries to convince Olivia to not help Cyrus with his campaign. He still fears for his life and the lives of others. But Olivia isn’t backing down. “Survival of the fittest, right?” she exclaims.

At OPA, Ms. Luna Vargas gives an interview endorsing Cyrus. In a competing interview, Michael (Cyrus’ estranged husband) gives an interview—fortunately he does not believe Cyrus killed Frankie. He does call Cyrus an ungrateful liar and cheater. “He didn’t end Frankie Vargas’ life, but he ended mine.” Damn.

Fitz marches to Cyrus’ apartment. He tries to relate to Cyrus’ traumatic prison experience (Come on!!) and convince him to advocate for himself to get into the White House. It works—Cyrus has his first press conference (with Fitz by his side). He gives a rousing, humble, inspiring speech!

Mellie gets to her office to find Liz with the evil folks. Liz has been working with them?!?! They have the fixed the electors. Mellie attempts to kick them all out of her office. However, according to them, she is the Trojan Horse. Mellie ain’t backing down. While Liz tries to give them all a break—Lady in Red (now Green) whacks Liz to death with a golf club!!! Blood splattering all over Mellie. Liz’s brain matter all over the floor. Every time we have a nasty Scandal death, they get nastier. The benefactors threaten Mellie and her kids, congratulate her on becoming President, and leave.

Angela comes to Fitz announcing she is having Olivia arrested. She found a connection between Olivia and Tom. Fitz is asking her not to pursue the case, but Angela won’t back down.

Olivia walks into Mellie’s office to the messy scene. They are both a mess—Olivia wants to still help and Mellie wants to just give into the benefactors. Jake walks in to clean up—figuratively and literally—as her VP.

Olivia goes to Fitz and he informs her of her upcoming arrest. Olivia believes her arrest would be a great idea, but Fitz says he will not allow her to go to prison. He wants Rowan in prison instead. “I could lose you! Forever!”

Angela marches into Fitz’s office to yell at Fitz for rigging everything so Olivia isn’t arrested. Fitz rigged things to get Rowan arrested. Olivia runs to her father’s office (likely after she got word) and discovers that Fitz ordered her father’s arrest.

Mellie is at home drinking her moonshine as she was the elector votes come in. David…and Lady in Red watch the votes come in. Abby and Cyrus watch the votes come in. Olivia goes to yell at Fitz, only to find that Fitz detained Rowan in the White House (and did not have him actually imprisoned). Upon this discovery, Fitz and Olivia share an intimate kiss and romp in the Presidential bed. Mellie is officially Presidential of the United Status (pending proper inauguration).

Overall: This was an amazing episode. There was a lot packed into this hour. Early in the episode I was going to complain—I thought the benefactors had just given up and there would be no repercussions for everyone working together. They just gave up on Abby? On Rowan? Seemed a bit unbelievable given how involved they were in the last 6 episodes. Regarding Liz’s death: I was never a big fan of her character (love Portia), so the character’s death didn’t affect me aside from the gore.

Prediction(s): Before the last 60 seconds of the episode, I predicted that Rowan would die by the finale. Not as certain now. However, I think there will be another major death at the hands of these benefactors. Jake, perhaps? David Rosen?!?!

Are you ready for President Mellie Grant? What do you think The Benefactors have in store? Is Rowan safe? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments!

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