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Prison Break: S5 E3 The Liar

Prison Break: S5 E3 The Liar

Will we get a prison break this episode? Let's see!

Lincoln and crew find the little boy who keeps spying on them and sending notes. The kid says he delivers notes in exchange for candy. Whatever, kid. Meanwhile, Michael continues to send them messages—this time a possible map giving them the location of either his escape or a checkpoint or something. Bombs continue to go off throughout the city. Their guide is ready to bounce again, and again Lincoln manipulates her with the money he promised her.

Instead, the map leads them to a warehouse which appears to be Michael’s escape plan shop. It looks like Michael didn’t just want to break himself out—he wanted to break out some known world enemies. Are they communicating with Michael or Kaniel Outis??

Inside the prison, things are getting rowdy. A prisoner is about to be killed by Ramal for being gay, but Michael stops him.

The assassin lady from Episode 1 has been tracking Sarah; in fact, they are in the hospital where her husband is hospitalized. Her and her buddy know that Michael is communicating with her. It appears they are looking for Kaniel Outis and will now use her to lead them to him. Sarah’s hubby is ready to go home, but she’s plotting to hide them somewhere else. Side note: Her husband is weird. That is all. Sarah goes to the hospital bathroom and behind her comes—T-Bag. He tells her everything he knows about Outis, but she ain’t trying to hear anything from him. She leaves the bathroom and looks at her phone which appears to be compromised. She takes that phone to some local shop to see if it has been hacked.

Michael’s friend is no longer trusting him. They get into a physical fight and when the guards come to separate them, Michael snatched a watch off the guard! Later, Michael apologizes to his friend. The guard comes by looking for his watch—believing Michael snatched it. The whole prison is going to be turned over until they find the watch.

Lincoln and their guide go in the mean streets to get new passports. They make an exchange, but the passports are empty! It was a trap and they get jumped! They trap Lincoln in a room and interrogate their lady guide about the men she’s working with. She’s talking back something fierce and getting beat up. Eventually, Lincoln breaks out of his room as saves her.

Assassin lady shows up to the cell phone repair shop requesting “her” phone. Sarah’s across the street watching everything, but they spot her and a chase ensues. Sarah gets away and gets her family away to another home. The cell phone guy called and informed Sarah that SHE hacked her own phone. Flashback to Sarah having a glass of water at Kellerman’s office; thus, giving him her thumbprint. Freaking Kellerman! Sarah tells her husband about everything and basically tells her she’s crazy and in over her head. She has to turn to who she can trust, and calls T-Bag for help. She wants him to interrogate Kellerman!

C-Note is able to turn the power generators off which launches Michael and his buddies into their escape plan.

Overall: A T-Bag-Sarah alliance ought to be interesting. I’m underwhelmed with the prison plot thus far, but we’ll see how it plays out and get the whole crew together again.

Did you know not to trust Kellerman? Are you following Michael's plans and motives? Do you think Sarah's husband is weird? Let us know your Prison Break reactions in the comments!

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