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24 Legacy: S1 E12

24 Legacy: S1 E12

Finale episode of 24 Legacy. It came so soon!

We continue with the Director of National Security still won’t offer any information to John. He rather have the girl murdered than be discovered that he was involved.

Fairly quickly into the episode, Tony’s crew comes in guns blazing. Eric gets shot and him and Tony get into a fist fight! This is probably the most action we’ve seen all season! Eric even breaks Tony’s arm!

Just when Eric has a gun on him (by Tony’s girlfriend), Tony’s cell rings—it’s John. John tells him the whole plot and informs him of Rebecca’s kidnapping. Then Tony hangs up the phone!! But he allows Eric (and Naseri’s daughter) loose in order for Eric to go save Rebecca. Aww! Moments later, Ben Khalid and his people go on a televised live feed, holding Rebecca hostage.

Eric has Naseri’s daughter call Naseri to let her know she’s alive. But, of course, Naseri must save Rebecca in order to secure his daughter’s safety. Next, Eric and Naseri’s daughter are having a chat. (Really?! She went from barely speaking English last week to having a full conversation this week). Boring and irrelevant. The Jordanian embassy has agreed to accept her, so Eric gives Naseri a call back to inform him. They set up the exchange and everything is going well. Then, Ben Khalid gets up and shoots Naseri! He continues gunfire and shoot Rebecca, too!

The Director of National Security asks about Naseri’s daughter. He’s only worried about himself. Jerk! John informs him that she’s safe at the Jordanian Embassy and he will be held accountable for his actions. After John leaves the room, the Director finds a gun in a secure lockbox.

Rebecca and John reunite briefly at the hospital, but she’s in need of surgery. Eric tells John that she saved his life. Shortly thereafter, Rebecca passes.

Fast forward 12 hours later (weird choice), John is mourning over Rebecca’s body. Nilaa walks into the room and announces that Henry is there to see him. Henry says he’s trying to understand how everything happened. Dude, you betrayed your country!

John receives notification that Director Sims has been found dead. They are questioning John about his presence at the office! They leave him alone and John talks to his campaign manager. John announces he’s not dropping out of the race. See you next season as President!

Eric and Nicole reunite! Eric apologizes to her and lets her know that he needs the action of CTU. Nicole says she’s willing to hold him down! Adorbs. Eric isn’t too certain that things will work out. *beep boop*

Overview: Unfortunately, this finale was completely underwhelming. Nothing cool happened. It was rushed--as if they needed one more hour to make a solid ending.

Overall, I thought it was a solid season and reboot. As expected Corey Hawkins was a solid actor, but not given strong material to work with or show his range (similar to his character Heath on The Walking Dead; but dissimilar to other characters he’s portrayed recently). He has the acting chops having been in several movies and shows and Broadway (see an excellent NPR article on Corey Hawkins here).

I’m hoping Fox will give this show a second season. The finale scored a 3.4 million live rating, which isn’t terrible. The second season will be in need of a recharge—back to the action and excitement of the original with a better script, and I think Hawkins could excel as the lead. We’ll see in a few weeks whether not the Fox execs will agree. 

What did you think of the finale? Would you like for 24 Legacy to return? Leave your 24 Legacy reactions in the comments!

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