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Prison Break: S5 E2 Kaniel Outis

Prison Break: S5 E2 Kaniel Outis

This was one fast-paced episode! Let's hop into it:

Michael and his prison bunkmates are plotting something—maybe an escape from their cell. Their plans may be foiled due to all the lights and explosions.

C-Note and Lincoln are discussing why Michael didn’t acknowledge them when they notice a nosy kid ease dropping on their conversation. Lincoln tries to chase him, but kids are quick! Luckily the kid let an origami crane (Michael’s signature) with a note—a quote about a Sheik in light.

The woman from last week is trying to convince her father to leave Yemen, but an attempt to leave is too expensive. Lincoln and C-Note meet up with her but she is skeptical of Lincoln’s motive; however, Lincoln motivates her with the money she needs.

Sarah gets video text from Lincoln from the Ogygia Prison—She sees Michael’s alive! Her husband calls from the hospital thinking the plot is about him. No, boo. Sarah goes to the State Department about Michael and she encounters—Kellerman! Sarah isn’t wanting to work with his sketchy self, but he has the intel she needs. He tells her about Kaniel Outis, a man who killed a CIA agent, and Michael’s picture is associated with Kaniel.

Flash to Michael—still can’t escape. Flash to Lincoln and his crew—trying to figure out Michael’s codes. They get a lead to go to the suburbs to find the sheik, but their guide isn’t wanting to take them; however, she’s forced to if she wants the money. They head out there, into ISIL territory, where the guards are hesitant to let them cross because they have a woman with them. We quickly see a war-torn area with bodies hanging. However, the boys find the Sheik—after a few punches and shoot outs—and help him to escape with his daughter (and her child students). The Sheik’s son is prisoned and he is supposed to help with a blackout to help his son escape.

Michael has a roomie who is addicted to Freddie Mercury. Okay. Word on the street is that one of the big baddies, Abu Ramal, is now incarcerated in the prison. Michael gets close to his other prison roommate, who is imprisoned for homosexuality (say what??) and worries about his safety. Michael makes a deal with him (protection in exchange for a piece of gum) to keep him safe. All of Michael’s prison mates have different tools he needs in order to start a fire to heat himself up to fake sick. However, he doesn’t get good medical care—he gets whipped repeatedly for trying to escape during his first week. He’s thrown back in his cell. Somehow he managed to scoop up some opioids to exchange with one of his mates.

Kellerman has video evidence (and sharing it with Sarah) of Michael killing the Deputy Chief of the CIA and he’s pretty smug about it. Later, Sarah and her husband discuss game theory in trying to figure out Michael’s plans. Crap! Has Michael Jr. been kidnapped? Nope, he was hunting down a pizza man who gave him an origami flower with a note—from his Daddy. A storm’s a ‘coming. 

Michael gives Abu Ramal—known terrorist—a hug. There is an escape planned for tomorrow night. Duh duh duh.

Overall: This episode was a bit disjointed, but I did enjoy seeing the return of Kellerman. I hope the plot doesn’t get too convoluted. Also, why is Sarah telling some random mother about Michael??? That’s not dangerous at all…

How much origami paper does Michael have in prison? Do you think Kellerman is a good guy or a bad guy this season? How long before Michael Jr. gets kidnapped? Leave your Prison Break reactions in the comments below!

Turn Up the Music: DAMN.

Turn Up the Music: DAMN.

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