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24 Legacy: S1 E11

24 Legacy: S1 E11

Penultimate episode time! Is Rebecca gonna take one for the team (i.e., nation)??

Eric/John: Eric and John finally meet and greet, but John chastises him for not stopping Rebecca from turning herself over. After getting a good talking too, Eric gets a call from Andy who catches him up his intel. In order to get the information to verify their intel, Eric needs to gather information from Sims computer…in the Pentagon. Just that easy. Eric thinks fast on his feet and asks John for help.

John calls up Director Sims and tells him he’s on his way to his crib. Director Sims is already shaking in his boots.

Sims calls Tony to complete a job and Tony would be wired a nice sum of money. We go to a small house and…we find Naseri’s daughter.

John makes some apologies to Eric for being so harsh to him. He wanted Rebecca to have a drama-free life (similar to another spouse we know…). Both of them arrive at the Pentagon while CTU is quickly attempting to turn Eric into a Secret Service agent. After a couple hiccups, his credentials are approved. John and Eric quickly confront Sims whom denies being involved in harming Naseri’s daughter. Eric jumps on his computer and calls Andy to begin hacking, and they find that Naseri’s daughter is alive and being held just a few miles away. They are all plotting ways connect to Naseri to tell him his daughter is alive when Sims said she won’t be at the safe house, “There is no girl.” Sims tells John to drop this whole thing in order to help Rebecca and also tells John he doesn’t know his wife—and she was involved in this whole plot!

Tony and crew are headed to the safe house to get Naseri’s daughter; however, it appears Eric arrives first. He gets into a tussle with someone outside, restrains the woman inside, and finds Naseri’s daughter. He gains the girl’s trust (aww!) and they are ready to escape when Andy tells him a van is approaching the home. “Andy, why didn’t you warn me earlier?!” EXACTLY!

Andy’s brain gets working and he calls John to tell him about Sim’s men. Sims does budge at all, and John tries to threaten him and then pistol whips him! Now he has to call Andy to override the encryption code on Sim’s cellphone. CTU is readily working when Pang approaches with his concerns about a security breach with Mullins. Mullins follows Pang and takes him out in a chokehold!

Meanwhile, Tony is yelling at Eric to release the girl. Eric is trying to explain that Sims has been taken down, but he doesn’t care because he received his check and need to keep his 5-star rating. Tony doesn’t even know it’s Eric. Eric yells, “You come in. You DIE!” *beep boop*

CTU: Mariana is worried about Ben Khalid being alive. Ole Mullins reveals that his body was actually never recovered. WHAT?!?! You didn’t think to mention that earlier. She contacts Andy, but he’s busy recovering data—which reveals a picture of a little girl.

Now the Director Sims of National Intelligence wants to be involved. He’s sending someone over, Daniel Pang, to gather all of their information. He wants access to EVERYTHING in CTU. Andy is squirming, but believes Pang has been sent because Sims is up to something no-good. Andy believes he may have been involved in the death of a young girl, Naseri’s daughter.

Rebecca: Naseri and Ben Khalid are having a chat—Ben Khalid is mad that his son is dead. He wants her to die a nasty death while confessing each of her “crimes.” Rebecca is listening quietly to all of this, finds a bottle, breaks it…to break free? No, it looks like she’s trying to slit her wrists. Yikes! 

Jadalla and crew arrives at their location and he finds an unconscious and bloodied Rebecca. Eventually, she comes to and Jadalla gives her a speech about being a coward.

Highlights: This episode was a little all over the place. There was no real standout moment. We’ll get it next week when Eric and Tony realize each other’s involvement. I hope the finale is satisfying!

Is Mullins actually a hero after all? Will Rebecca get out alive? Are Nicole and Isaac on a date? Leave your 24 Legacy reactions in the comments!

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