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Roll On: April 14, 2017

Roll On: April 14, 2017

Slay = Janelle Monae      That is all.

R.I.P. to Charlie Murphy. His contributions to comedy are overwhelming and his contributions to Chappelle Show were extraordinarily memorable. What an unfortunate loss at such an early age. R.I.P. Brotha Darkness.

Seattle is taking the tiny home craze and helping individuals who are homeless. Awesome!

The MAC Dark Nudes collection…. OMG!! Need them pronto!

Also, this Urban Decay After Dark palette. Pop Sugar’s swatch demo has me sold.

Trailer for the Netflix’s series Dear White People is out! It’s going to be goooood.

Speaking of Netflix, 13 Reasons Why had me hooked last weekend. The question now is: will there be (should there be) a Season 2???

Delta can now offer up to $9,950 for rebooked flyers. I volunteer as tribute!

Nah, bruh. As I said in our The Fate of the Furious review, Tyrese has made a number of misogynistic statements, especially during the most recent press tour. He needs to come with a stronger apology than this IG post.

Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. album is available now. It is fire!!! It’s already getting glowing reviews. KCSO will have an initial review up tomorrow.

If the rumors are true, we may have two Kendrick albums this weekend.

Have a good Easter weekend everyone! My Cadbury Egg intake has already been too high this year.

Scandal: S6 E10 The Decision

Scandal: S6 E10 The Decision

Popcorn Addict: The Fate of the Furious

Popcorn Addict: The Fate of the Furious