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This Is Us: S1 E17 What Now?

This Is Us: S1 E17 What Now?

William: William left the baby girls some instructions…they must plan the memorial and make it fun! The girls are ready to roll with the memorial as William would have wanted it. The girls make everyone go on William’s morning walk…in William hats. We also learned Blue Hawaii was his favorite strain of weed. LMAO!

Randall: Randall is grieving and packing up William’s belongings. Then, Jessie calls Randall and said William offered his goodbyes to him before Memphis. Jessie is struggling too, but shares stories of individuals who he helped and inspired in AA. “He was soft armrests for weary souls to lean on.” Everyone loved William. Even the mailman had a connection with William!

The episode ends with Randall going to his job, in his William hat, read them about his 10 years of dedicated service and all he received his pears and a stock card after his father’s death. AND he’s allergic to pears and they knew that!!!! Damn. Randall quits. Respect.

Beth: I love Beth! I can only hope to be as amazing as a wife as her. Beth discloses that she did not get her goodbye with William. However, she pulled through to give a good eulogy/toast. At the end of the episode, Beth finds a postcard from William. **tears following disgustedly hard**

Rebecca: Young Rebecca heads off to tour without a goodbye from Jack.

Older Rebecca and Miguel are headed to William’s memorial service upon request from Randall’s girl. But she doesn’t want to go. Later we get an awkward scene between Rebecca and Randall. She shares she believes Randall got his gentleness and kindness from William. Rebecca finally discloses why she kept William from Randall—out of fear. Both of them make amends.

Jack: Jack is at a retirement party avoiding saying goodbye to Rebecca before she heads to her tour. Jack drops off the Big 3 at a party but Kate gives him a talking to about not going to see Rebecca’s opening night. He tells her to worry about teenage things. Jack tries to sit at home eating Chinese food and watching TV, but instead heads to the after-retirement party at a bar. Then freaking Heather offers to buy him a drink. Noooooo! Heather tries to put the moves on Jack, but Jack quickly shuts down her advances. In the end, he calls the parents at the kid’s party to see if they can stay the night. He quickly speaks to Kate and tells her she’s right…that he should be at Rebecca’s show and we see him drive off.

Kate: Kate breaks down at William’s memorial and Randall comes to console her. Randall shares this dream of William and Jack interacting with each other. Randall advises Kate to talk to Toby about how she's feeling. The episode ends with Kate telling Toby that Jack’s death is her fault. WHAT?!?!?!

Kevin: Kevin is struggling in repairing relationships with the critics. Later, he barges into the critic’s office to beg him to come to opening night of his play…which the critics says he already did. After William’s memorial, Kevin heads to opening night part 2. All the Pearsons are in tow and he receives a standing ovation. But notices the critic didn’t attend. After a late night romp in hay with Sophie, Kevin gets a call from Ron Howard…THE Ron Howard. He took his niece to Kevin’s play and thought Kevin was “phenomenal” and he wants Kevin to come out to L.A. to be in one of his movies. Booyah! #MannysDead

Sophie: Sophie wants to avoid the Pearsons, especially Kate, at the play. Before Kevin goes on stage, Sophie stops by and brings Kevin a crutch…in case he breaks his leg. Wacka wacka. She stays for the play, but heads out right at closing and meets him much later. How are her and Kevin going to keep up this secret?

Overall: Another great episode. I'm glad Randall and Rebecca made amends. We finally got Randall and Kate in a scene together. And William's FUN-eral was perfect.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • You got white doves?!—Randall         They don’t make black ones, Randall.—Beth
  • Don’t you all look lovely for the FUN-eral—Randall

Predictions: I’m not ready for the finale. These last two episodes were emotional enough. I don’t have any solid predictions because this show keeps throwing us curveballs. Kleenex stock is about to go up!

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Randall should have quit his job? Do you trust Sophie? Leave your This Is Us reactions in the comments!

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