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Scandal: S6 E8 A Stomach for Blood

Scandal: S6 E8 A Stomach for Blood

We begin this episode worried about Huck and ticked at Abby. Oh, this is an Abby-centric episode? Ugh.

Election Night (Again): We see Frankie on the podium (again). Abby and Fitz are watching with strong stank face. We see the moment Frankie is shot and Abby appears to be in shock—being carried off by secret service with her phone buzzing away. Her phone won’t stop buzzing, but she’s in a state of shock. Fitz brings her back to reality and tells her to answer her freaking phone, but she won’t. Abby finally gets holed up in an office, phone buzzing again, and she answers with a “you shot him.” The person on the other line is ordering her around. Who could it be?

60 Days before Election: Abby and Fitz are trying to plan for location of the presidential library. Fitz is hungry for the ladies. He mentions whisking off to Vermont (with someone else) and settling down. Abby ain’t having that.

Abby sits down with two folks to discuss the presidential library…with Lady in Red and her male sidekick. She quickly realizes that they don’t want to buy a library. They are offering Abby major money ($300 million) for power. She knows there are contingencies, but then they offer her a potential for a presidential run (what?!?!). Abby, hesitantly, denies the offer.

You can see Abby fantasizing about her potential as President while her boy toy, Leo, is trying to speak to her about something unrelated. Then, she goes to meet Cyrus with $2k bottle of bourbon. She asks him, how did you know Frankie was The One? Cyrus knows her game and tells her that she would make a great presidential candidate. He gives her a caveat that Fitz would be disappointed in her.

Abby meets with Fitz to tell him. He’s excited about his potential life in Vermont making jam for a living. He wants to make Abby the chair of his foundation. Abby loses it at the thought of the loss of power. They have an all-out fight. Abby tells him that Olivia is never going to Vermont for you. Damn! Even Fitz says that’s low and dismisses her. Abby gets on the phone and calls the folks with the money to tell them she’s all in.

Election Night: We go back to the moment where Frankie wins the election. Abby gets a call from Lady in Red who tells her she’ll be getting further instructions later. The assassination scene is replayed—now knowing Lady in Red is the one who called her afterwards. She orders Abby to go to the hospital where Frankie is being treated. She ALSO informs Abby the funds she received came from North Korea. Abby is TRAPPED.

We also find out that Abby was involved in giving Fitz and crew a file which gave her permission to get into the hospital. She meets a nurse at the hospital—MEG! —who tells her to swap the bullets that killed Frankie. Abby doesn’t want to do it, but…they have Leo and are torturing him!!! Abby then blackmails an official to get an autopsy (essentially killing Frankie) and swaps the bullets.

Abby returns home to an injured Leo on her couch. Fortunately, he doesn’t remember any details from his kidnapping and assault and Abby consoles him. Abby then gets a call from the President and we get the scene where Olivia presents her with the Jennifer’s voicemail framing Cyrus. Abby is not happy.

Abby shows up at David Rosen’s house, but…Lady in Red shows up right behind her. Abby threatens her, but she tells Abby she’s steps ahead of her (see Quote of the Week below) …she’s dating David!!!

Next, we go back to the scene where Huck tells Abby that Jennifer is alive. Abby goes to the prison and tells Cyrus she knows he’s innocent and that she’s going to war for him. Abby offers Lady in Red and crew Jennifer in exchange for Cyrus’ release. Thus, triggering everything we saw at the end of last week’s episode.

Quote(s) of the Week

“Oh, Abby. I’m a real bitch. You just play one on TV.” —Lady in Red

Overall: I guess the writers want us to forgive Abby some after seeing this backstory. Sorry. Not happening yet. This episode showed exactly how power hungry Abby truly is/was. We’re going to need major apology to everyone in OPA.

Prediction(s): Will OPA find out about Abby’s big betrayal? That’s the big question. However, I believe we’re getting a fantasy episode.

How did you feel about this episode? Do you forgive Abby? Let us know your Scandal reactions in the comments!

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