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Roll On: March 31, 2017

Roll On: March 31, 2017

GORGEOUS! Samira Wiley (Poussey, Orange is the New Black) and Lauren Morelli (writer/producer, Orange is the New Black) recently married and they looked amazing. That cape tho!

With Cinema Con this week, it was a big movie trailer release week. It’s going to be an exciting summer. Let’s give a quick rundown:

In more trailer news, final season of Game of Thrones teaser. We are not ready.

Can’t wait for the Prison Break revival next week. We will be covering it on KCSO!

Season 2 of The Get Down will be released on Netflix on April 7. Big day for hip hop with Kendrick’s release the same day!

Complex named 7 songs that could have been cut from Drake’s More Life playlist. With the exception of the Skepta Interlude, our review on the blog was on point.

Excellent article on Dining While Black. We might have more to add in a future post about our experiences as Black foodies and bloggers.

Black-owned Bed and Breakfasts in NYC. So cute! Will have to keep these in mind for my next visit.

Our travel lists just got larger. Check out these 17 epic places to travel.

Lastly, this Laura Marcier Lightstruck Prismatic Glow Palette is the perfect highlighter palette for the summer!

This begins weekend begins our spring/summer travel season! Keep up with our IG page for first details!

Scandal: S6 E8 A Stomach for Blood

Scandal: S6 E8 A Stomach for Blood

Turn Up the Music: More Life

Turn Up the Music: More Life