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Scandal: S6 E7 A Traitor Among Us

Scandal: S6 E7 A Traitor Among Us

Yay! A Huck-centric episode.

The episode begins with Huck teaching his lady friend Meg how to box. Sexy boxing. Until Quinn and Charlie barge in to announce that Liv has gone missing. He goes and meets Liv in the middle of nowhere to pick her up. Liv is not worried about immediately getting home and she has a request: Kill Rowan.

Liv is upset about her father’s involvement with Frankie’s assassination, but Huck can tell something is wrong with the story. Huck tells her that she has to 100% that Rowan was involved before he carries out her request. Olivia says she’s sure, so…Huck begins his…preparation. He begins to follow Rowan around a train station, gun in hand, but loses him. Come on, ya’ll!!! Rowan is always four steps ahead of everyone. Rowan lets him know he has 2 minutes and 15 seconds to get information from him and kill him before the people following him arrive. Rowan lets him know to think with his head—no one controls him. Rowan gives him the rundown…and Huck doesn’t kill him. Lady in Red arrives on the incoming train looking for Rowan, but he disappeared to prove to Huck these people exists. Rowan believes it’s someone close to Olivia who arranged these people to be involved—A Traitor Among Us. Trust no one.

Huck returns to Pope and Associates filled with paranoia. Is it Quinn (and/or Charlie)? He’s listening to all their conversations while running surveillance on them. He overhears Quinn ask someone if he/she found a place to put Jennifer? What?!?! Quinn goes to meet…Jake and Jennifer! Huck begins interrogating them both while informing them of the plot against Olivia. Quinn pulls a gun on him after Huck calls her a mole. Who is playing who???

Back at Pope and Associates, Quinn asks for an apology and questions if Huck has investigated Meg. He gets defensive and questions her about Charlie. They have tit-for-tat and Quinn tells him he fell for Becky, so it’s plausible he’s getting played by Meg. Wow. Huck goes home…to find Meg there. He’s skeptical of why she’s there, but remembers he gave her a key. They hook-up, and then post-coitus Meg has questions about Olivia. Oh no! If Meg is a mole, it’s going to break Huck. Anyway, Meg wants Olivia’s help in finding Jennifer…and she wants to ask Olivia face-to-face for her help. Poor Huck! He doesn’t know what/whom to believe.

Huck goes to meet Abby at the White House to ask for her help in visiting an inmate. Abby is hesitant until Huck tells her Jennifer is alive. David escorts Huck to see…Becky. Huck wants to know how Becky played him. Before she will tell him, she has a request (so many requests!)—She wants to know her sister’s status because she has health problems. Huck agrees to help her and Becky tells him the story about her sister is a lie. That’s how Huck gets played. Sob stories. Damn.

Huck tells Olivia about his theory of her father being bullied, but she’s not buying it. While conducting more surveillance, he sees Meg meet up with the Lady in Red. Poor Huck! Later, we see him call Meg to invite her over to “discuss her case with Olivia.” He’s ready to meet with syringe prepared. Meg comes over all nonchalant and Huck presents her with the syringe and asks her about his meeting with Lady in Red. Meg denies meeting with her and states she’s never met that woman before. Even with her denials, Huck STILL can’t inject her. She’s crying and denying…is this another sob story? Possibly, but Huck lets her go anyway.

Olivia, Quinn, and Charlie confront Huck to provide evidence to debunk his theories, even with Sandra’s body in tow. Gross. Huck is trying to tell them to believe Rowan. “You are the one with the blindspot with your father.” Olivia is sticking to her beliefs and asks Huck to dispose of the body. He follows orders, as usual, and finds a recording device in Sandra’s body—containing footage of everything that went down with Rowan and shows it to Olivia. You gonna give Huck an apology, right Olivia?!?! Of course not. Great use of the song Lean on Me, Scandal crew.

Olivia and Huck go to Meg’s place, so Olivia can beg Meg to ask Huck for forgiveness. Meg forgives him, and Huck tells her that Jennifer is alive. They go to meet Jennifer. Huck opens the door, they walk in, and…Meg shoot Jennifer!!! Agh!!! Huck got played again!

In the next scene, Abby meets with Meg and Lady in Red (?!?!?!) and asks if “It’s done.” Meg lets her know that Jennifer is dead. And Huck??? Meg shot Huck three times!!! WHAT THE HUCK?!?! Abby is the traitor.

Overall: Now THIS was the best episode of the season. Obviously we all love Huck, but the story was superb. As I said weeks ago, I no longer like Abby. This was icing on the cake!

Prediction(s): Huck can’t be dead, right?! What is going to happen when Olivia finds out Abby is involved in all of this? Oh boy! I’m back on the Scandal train.

Is Huck alive? How mad are you at Abby right now? Let us know your Scandal reactions in the comments!

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